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Losing Windows 7 password is not such a trouble thing if you handle it in a right way. However, It's only a moment for you forget Windows 7 password and it may take you several days to regain access to your system. No worries when you forget Windows 7 password. The article will give you some ideas to reset Windows password with USB flash drive.

download windows 7 password reset usb


When you add a password to your account, besides setting a password hint, you should create a Windows 7 password reset disk in case you need it. Here are the steps to configure pendrive for Windows password recovery.

This USB password reset disk only use in a certain account which you have created before, or it won't help. So it's better to create a password reset disk when you add a password to account. If you have problems with how to create Windows 7 password reset USB, you can see more details in Microsoft website.

Step 4: Use the USB to reset Windows 7 password. But in this step, make sure your computer is boot from USB drive, you can set a BIOS if necessary. Don't worry if you have difficulty to bios setting, you can see more in the Professional version user guide.

Through the help of the GUI interface and specific steps by step wizard, it can conveniently reset the Windows administrator password even with little knowledge about the computer or even you are not a techie person.

That's it. Now you know how to create a password reset disk and recover your password. Remember that the password reset disk only works for local accounts (not domain accounts). Also, if you use the password reset disk, you can use the same disk again in the future without the need to update it.

If you don't have a password reset disk but need to recover your password, try installing Parted Magic onto a USB flash drive and using the chntpw tool. It's not as elegant as the password reset disk, but it beats reinstalling Windows.

If you use a local account in Window 11, you should create a password reset disk using a USB flash drive as soon as possible. Then, if you forget your password, you can reset it. If you wait until you've forgotten your password, it'll be too late. We recommend you add security questions to your local account in case you forget your password, so you don't need to create a password reset disk. To do this, select Start > Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options > Update your security questions.

Did you try to sign into your Windows 7 computer, only to discover you were denied access because of an incorrect password? It's then easy to spend hours finding or resetting forgotten Windows 7 password so as to get right to the machine. That's when you need a Windows 7 password reset tool to save the day.

This is a wonderfully simple, and totally native and free Windows 7 password reset service, provided by Microsoft. To make it sense, however, you have to make use of the "Create a password reset disk" feature under Control Panel > User Accounts, before the computer is locked.

The best part to password reset disk is that it will always work no matter how many times you use it to reset a new password. Refer to this article to create password reset disk and then use it unlock Windows 7 password when you need.

When you forgot password on Windows 7 computer, the fuss-free Spower Windows Password Reset should be your first port of call among all other third-party programs. Unlike most Windows 7 password reset software freewares, there are no unwanted ads or bundled applications to worry about. It's fast and easy to use even for a user with basic Windows skills.

Another better password reset tool for Windows 7 should be Offline NT Password & Registry Editor. It is completely free and open source that makes it worth to have a try. The program's iSO file is much smaller than Ophcrack above.

As a Windows 7 password resetting software application, it lets you delete the password completely, and after the process, you can log in to the system without entering a password. The working principle is slightly the same with Spower Windows 7 Admin Password Reset program.

The drawback about it is its totally text-based interface (the image below), which is especially obscure for most users when doing a Windows 7 password reset task on a computer. Here's the walkthrough of Offline NT Password & Registry Editor.

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Lost your Windows 7 password is really annoying, cause no matter work or study, we are all inseparable from the computer. So many important data and information on it, reinstalling it is not a good choice, you just need a windows password recovery tool when forgot windows account local or admin account passwords.

Step 4. Now your computer will restart and then you will see the UnlockGo for Windows interface. select your Windows system to move on. Then you can choose your account and the feature Reset Account Password to reset your password

The Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is among the top windows 7 password reset USB download free. This excellent password recovery tool offers a lot of stunning features which differentiate it from others. You can easily crack the password of your favorite PC if you forget. Most importantly, there are specific tools that delete passwords rather than recover them. This tool will help you log into your computer without typing the password. All you need to do is to launch this application on your computer.

John the Ripper is an open-source Windows 7 password recovery tool that is available for free. Both individuals and businesses have used this windows 7 password recovery tool. The fantastic features of this tool make it different and superior as compared to other password recovery tools. This tool is highly compatible with Windows, Unix, DOS, and other open VMS. This tool can detect weak passwords without doing complex operations.

If you forgot Windows 7 password, you do not need to panic. By using Windows password reset USB you can reset the forgotten login password without any hassle. In this article, we've gathered popular Windows 7 password reset tool for you. From now on, you can easily access your Windows 7 computer even without knowing the password.

Windows password reset tool is an effective way to reset the password. With the help of a tool, you can reset or remove a password in a shorter period of time. On the internet, there are numerous password reset tools. You need to be very careful while choosing a tool as some tools are not safe to install on the computer. Below there are top 3 Windows password revocery tools that you can use.

The PassFab 4WinKey - Windows 7 password reset usb download free is an ultimate solution for forgotten passwords in case of Windows. It is considered as best Windows 7 password reset tool. If you are unable to enter into your Windows system, then you can rely on this tool. More than 200 countries preferred this tool for resetting passwords. Most importantly, it is safe and secure to install on the computer.

Now, select "Reset Accoutn Password" option and click on "Next". Now, all your windows account will be displayed. Select a user account, you will see the default password. If you don't want it, just chnage it by your own. Then, click on "Next".

The Windows Password Key is another professional Windows 7 password reset USB tool. It can reset the password without reinstalling the system. It also has a capability to recover both login and administration password. Follow the below steps to recover password with this tool.

The Windows Password Recovery Tool is another good Windows 7 password recovery tool. It is a versatile password recovery tool. Follow the below steps to reset the password with help of Windows password recovery.

We've introduced best 3 Windows 7 password reset tools in this article. Instead of reinstalling the system, it is better to use these tools to reset the password. Without the tool, the process of resetting Windows password becomes very long. If you miss out any step, then it becomes difficult to reset the password.

Windows Password Recovery Tool is the best tool that helps you to recover your Windows password easily and quickly. It can work on all Windows formats, i.e., 7/8/8.1/10/11/2000/Visita/XP and Windows server 2012/2008/2019 password. The best part of this Windows password reset tool is it works well for all brands of laptops as well as desktops like HP, Dell, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, Asus, etc.

So, how can you reset your Windows password? Simply create a bootable DVD/CD ROM disc on your Windows. Then make a bootable USB disk on your Windows, and lastly, burn a bootable password reset disk with the default ISO image file. Your Windows password is recovered now!

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