Benefits of Qust al Bahri/Qust al Hindi

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Jan 20, 2022, 5:39:34 AMJan 20
to Tibb-e-Nabawi, Healing by ISLAM
Assalamu Alaikum to all members of Tibbe Nabawi,

Just found this and wanted to share it with all of you. Maybe it may help someone.

Benefits of Qust al Bahri / Qust al Hindi
Condition        Method of applications
Stomach        : Root powder is taken with water. Decoction of root is taken. Root powder is roasted in mustard oil and the paste is applied on stomach
Headache: Oil heated with root is applied
Cough and Cold: Root powder is taken with warm water
Throat Infection: Root is chewed
Backache and Chest Pain: Root powder is taken with milk/decoction of root powder. Oil heated with root is massaged the affected area
Rheumatism & Painful Joints: Root is roasted in ghee/butter, powdered and taken with milk. The above mentioned ghee/ butter is rubbed on the affected area and bandaged to keep warm.
Scanty Urination: Jaggery is mixed in the decoction of root powder which is then taken. Paste of root powder is applied on the stomach below the naval.
Skin Rashes formed after insect bite: Root powder is roasted in ghee/butter and the ghee/butter is applied on the affected area
Exhaustion: Pieces of root are burnt in hookah and the smoke inhaled
Lustre & Growth of Hair        : Hair is washed with decoction. Mustard oil is heated with root powder and the oil used as topical application on hair
Pustules: Fine root powder is dusted on the wound. Mustard oil is heated with root powder and the oil is applied and bandaged
Fainting Spells: Root is rubbed in water and the water is used a nasal drops Fine powder of root is used for sneezing.
General Weakness Fatigue: Root is boiled in milk and the milk is taken twice daily
Piles: Root are taken along with the ‘Vacha’ (Acorus calamus) roots
Epilepsy: The roots are taken with honey
Headache: Paste of the root is applied
General Weakness (as Rasayana): Root powder ingested with cow’s milk and cow’s ghee
Scalp Scabies: Essential oil of root is applied
Typhoid Fever: Decoction of root is taken
Persistant Hiccups: Root powder is ingested
Leprosy: Root powder is ingested
Cold: Decoction of root is taken

Allah knows best.

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