acute pericarditis

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Mohamed Sulaiman

Jul 21, 2022, 4:36:16 AMJul 21
to Tibb-e-Nabawi, Healing by ISLAM
السلام علیکم

My ecg alert  shows that I have acute pericarditis, however the ecg reading looks normal. They are sending me to a cardiologist. Can anyone recommend tibb e nabawi for this? 

I am worried. 

Jazakallah khairan. 

Khazmaa' ~ خذماء

Jul 21, 2022, 4:49:30 AMJul 21
to Mohamed Sulaiman,

Assalam o Alaikum,


Talbinah, Quince, & dates stones powder are the cures for a sick heart.

Taking Hijaamah will also help to reduce the load from your heart. See the links below


Avoid animal proteins & vegetable (cooking) oils, switch to olive oil, take pure vinegar twice daily, diluting 2 tablespoons in a glass of water.

Dr Muhammad Sami

Jul 22, 2022, 1:20:24 PMJul 22
to Mohamed Sulaiman, Tibb-e-Nabawi, Healing by ISLAM
He should also use some herbal medicine like Arjun

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