Heeng infused Olive Oil

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Habeen Bin Hayyaan Al-Tamimi

Jan 14, 2012, 1:21:34 AM1/14/12
Heeng (Asafoetida) is the best for digestion, those who have not checked the healing of original Heeng will never know the miracles Created by Allah, & how Allah Has Shown His Powers & diversity He Designs among various creations.
Problem with Heeng are the pebbles, you have to purify the gum.
Powdered Heeng mostly sold in India is a blend of 10 ~ 30 % Heeng with rice flour, so when they grind these ingredients, we feel that they never bother for purifying the Heeng.
Heeng should be soaked in water & then filtered, OR infused in Vinegar & you may also infuse it in Olive Oil.
Heat one liter of Olive Oil at low flame, take 30 grams of Heeng, press it over a spoon & it will stick like a glue, we never need that Heeng stays at the pan-bottom (to avoid over burning). Within minutes, you will see that Heeng will diffuse & the gum will change into granules, leaving the spoon & precipitating at the pan-bottom. Wait till the oil cools down & filtrate, you will see the pebbles in Heeng waste.
Heeng infused Olive Oil will have brown color & a sharp smell, this oil can be used for making pickles, for frying eggs at the breakfast, for curries, etc.
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