For those with hotmail persistent "negative vibes"

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Dec 4, 2008, 3:39:48 PM12/4/08
to Thunderbird Webmail Extension

I thought I might share my experience to help others, I have webmail
1.3.2 and hotmail 1.2.19 on thunderbird (Icedove actually,
thunderbird's name on Debian). I kept having "negative vibes" messages
for weeks, before i logged on my accounts with a browser (Firefox), to
click through the "website updated" page (don't forget to tick the
"don't show this message again" box), and then click the "upgrade your
browser" page (I was running the latest version, but kept getting the
"upgrade" page anyway). Only after I did that I could retrieve my
messages again.

I did it the same way for three accounts, all three blocked for weeks,
and it worked with all of them (all are "Hotmail live" style

If it can save a few headaches to others...

Cheers, many thanks for those great extensions, works very well on
Debian GNU/Linux too !


Mr Handsome B. Wonderful

Dec 17, 2008, 6:55:27 AM12/17/08
to Thunderbird Webmail Extension
Hi all,

just to confirm - I today had 'negative vibes', and the cause, as
below, was a front-page message on hotmail that had to be cleared.
Solution is to log in to your hotmail account, clear the message, and
then negative vibes doesn't happen next time you try checking your
hotmail messages with Thunderbird. This happens every so often, so
when you get negative vibes, it's worth:

1) logging into hotmail from your browser and checking there's no
microsofty message before you get to your inbox
2) making sure you've got the most up-to-date version of the hotmail
add-on (on the main screen of this group -,
currently 1.2.20b2 as I write.

Thanks to all for everyone's help with past problems!


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