Webmail timout... probable timing problem, need help

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Aug 13, 2007, 9:11:46 AM8/13/07
to Thunderbird Webmail Extension
I am having a problem with recieving my webmail giving the error
"connection to server localhost timed out". It mostly happens with
yahoo, but also with hotmail about half the time. There are no errors
in the error console. I can get it to work more often by either
turning off my zone alarm firewall, or bypass my router and hook
direct to the modem. The problem started when I switched internet
providers. I now have Wildblue satellite. Before that I had no
problems with my old versions. Since the provider switch I had to
update Thunderbird and that helped, but like I said i have to disable
or bypass something to get it to work more often. I kept my old
provider for a short time and it would still work fine through their
dialup, and it worked fine through the router too (when and if their
connection worked, hence the provider change). Wildblue has terrible
lag times, and I am sure this has something to do with it. Just
increasing the connection timeout from 60 seconds to whatever only
increases the amount of time before it will tell me it timed out. When
it works, it works well before the 60 second time out. Are there any
advanced timing settings I can play with?

FYI I also have two POP connections that work just fine. And not sure
if this means anything, but I can use ePrompter with the webmail
accounts just fine.

Current version
Webmail 1.2.3
Hotmail 1.2.3
Yahoo 1.2.2

older version
Webmail 1.0.17
Hotmail 1.0.23
Yahoo 1.0.17

Webmail Author

Aug 13, 2007, 4:09:54 PM8/13/07
to Thunderbird Webmail Extension
The WildBlue website talks of speeds of 1.5Mbps which is almost the
speed of my ADSL line. I have the timeout set to 180 seconds this is
usually long enough to allow for server load and connection speed.


Aug 13, 2007, 7:13:26 PM8/13/07
to Thunderbird Webmail Extension
I went a step further and set the timeout to 360. All that meant was
it took 6 minutes before the timout error popped up. I get good
download speed with wildblue, upload speed ok faster than dialup
anyway. But there is lag time from sending to recieving and vice versa
(when your signal has to travel 50,000 miles to get to the first hop,
it tends to take a second).

Another thing, for good speed surfing on the web I have to use a proxy
server (they provide an automatic script). Without it surfing is slow
and every item loads one at a time. But secure SSL connections are
super slow no matter what. That is on their end and I can not do
anything about it (except move so I could get cable or DSL). I run the
auto script in Thunderbird because it seems to help with the rest of
the mail and stuff. Without the script and proxy server I still have
the same problem.

Oh yeah, I know it is logging into my yahoo accout because it leaves
me logged on every time it fails. I never check the box to keep logged
on so that is kind of annoying as I have a second account and switch
between the two.


Aug 14, 2007, 9:48:39 AM8/14/07
to Thunderbird Webmail Extension
I had a breakthrough!!!
Now I KNOW that i had shut both my zonealarm firewall and kaspersky
antivirus off before to see if the problem went away, and it didn't.
That is the first thing I do when something doesn't work. But that
must have been before I updated Thunderbird and the webmail
extentions. So I didn't focus again on the antivirus until now. I
turned off "scan HTTP traffic" and instant success. Kaspersky must be
slowing things down enough that between it an my provider it just
screws up. I hate turning things off on any protection, but it works
now. I am still open to additional suggestions, but I am not as
desparate now.

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