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Charlie Stedman

Jul 19, 2011, 2:12:39 PM7/19/11
to Thrutu Developers
The Thrutu iPhone client will be released soon and the initial version
will contain partial support for web buttons - you'll be able to
launch them from Android to the iPhone but not vice versa.

Although Thrutu web buttons are intended to be platform-independent,
there can be subtle differences between browsers and the iPhone Web
View used in Thrutu can behave a little differently from the Android
equivalent. In particular, the iPhone Web View uses a relatively old
WebKit, which can have some unexpected effects, and it's a different
one than that used by the native browser on the iPhone. So just
testing on the browser doesn't guarantee your button will just work
inside the client.

If you find problems specific to iPhone, please post them here -
especially if you also have the solution!

Charlie Stedman

Aug 26, 2011, 1:06:54 PM8/26/11
to Thrutu Developers
UPDATE: The latest version of the Thrutu iPhone client now supports
launching web buttons.

So you can start developing web buttons on iPhone and users can
download them through the client just like for Android.
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