Thruk v3.06 released

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Sven Nierlein

May 28, 2023, 4:16:49 PM5/28/23
Dear List,

Thruk 3.06 has been released and addresses some more issues found in the 3.x branch
but also adds some new features like lexical filters which are featured here:

Here is the changelog:
3.06 Wed May 24 14:12:18 CEST 2023
- DEPRECATION WARNING: next release will drop support for phantomjs in favor of puppeteer
- support lexical/advanced filter
- support native grafana dashboards in action_url
- improve extinfo host/service details layout
- add variables from default columns to exposed variables automatically
- add filter by contactgroups
- add host_name_source / service_description_source options to get names from different attributes or custom variables
- add default_main_filter option to apply filter for "All Hosts" view
- add config option is_executing_timeout
- fix navigation clicks not working occasionally
- add force_user option to super user api keys
- Rest
- add last_login to /r/thruk/users
- add host/service del_comment/del_downtime endpoints
- change required permissions for del_*_comment del_*_downtime

The page and the repository is
already updated. New OMD-Labs packages are also available.

You can download Thruk on or use
the Consol Labs Repository at
There is also a repository on

Please report bugs on this list or via github.

Thanks to our sponsors and all the people who helped creating this release.

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