Thruk v3.10 released

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Sven Nierlein

Nov 6, 2023, 10:51:36 AM11/6/23
Dear List,

Thruk 3.10 has been released and addresses some issues found in the 3.x branch.
Also there is a new explore mode as well as a "agents" plugin. See some screenshots

Here is the changelog:
3.10 Sun Nov 5 16:24:33 CET 2023
- add explore mode to advanced status filter
- add option to set link target based on url rules (link_target)
- show action/notes urls with original link and open new tab by javascript
- add option to set different cache timeout for failed logins (cookie_auth_session_cache_fail_timeout)
- reduce log noise for normal operations
- reset page refresh timer on page interaction
- maintenance removes old user files after one year
- add button to cleanup recurring downtimes from old hosts/services
- add 'thruk downtimetask autoremove' command
- fix livestatus error on landing page (#1299)
- fix using custom variables in queries
- fix requesting unknown columns (#1301)
- fix removing sub items from navigation (#1314)
- Reports:
- increase pdf render timout
- fix missing subject in report mails
- Rest
- add .../avail endpoint for hosts / services

The page and the repository is
already updated. New OMD-Labs packages are also available.

You can download Thruk on or use
the Consol Labs Repository at
There is also a repository on

Please report bugs on this list or via github.

Thanks to our sponsors and all the people who helped creating this release.

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