Thruk v3.12 released

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Sven Nierlein

Jan 28, 2024, 12:15:40 PMJan 28
Dear List,

Thruk 3.12 has been released with many enhancements for the new "agents" plugin. I will add more screenshots
here: in the next days...
This release also contains a fix for CVE-2024-23822 which allowed file uploads from the panorama media
manager to none-thruk locations.

Here is the changelog:
3.12 Fri Jan 26 18:41:38 CET 2024
- add config option 'admin_role_from_system_and_conf'
- add options status column: last state change
- fix exposing check_command via rest api
- do not show error page if all backends are down, but show page with empty data
- switch to dark mode automatically
- Agents:
- add default args
- add support for section based settings
- add template hierarchy based on section folders
- support changing sections for existing agents
- Config Tool:
- style fixes
- Reports:
- cleanup /tmp/puppeteer_dev_profile-... folders
- Rest:
- add host/service columns to comments/downtimes
- Panorama:
- fix folder input validation for image uploads (CVE-2024-23822)

The page and the repository is
already updated. New OMD-Labs packages are also available.

You can download Thruk on or use
the Consol Labs Repository at
There is also a repository on

Please report bugs on this list or via github.

Thanks to our sponsors and all the people who helped creating this release.

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