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Mar 15, 2012, 10:41:19 PM3/15/12
to Three20
I'm testing the login with FB feature for IOS (using version 5) and I
encountered what could be a possible problem for me.

When I try on the simulator, the token returned is different than the
one returned when I login on my real device. IS it supposed to be this
way ? IS this a bug ?

If the token is related to the platform type(iOS simulator, real
iPhone, iPad) , it could be a major problem for me since to identify
my user I could only rely on the id :/.

For now I was checkin the couple ID/token.

If the token is platform dependent, would it at least be the same on
each model of the platform type ? I mean If i login once from a iPhone
3G, then from an iPhone4, etc... would i get the same token ?

Thx for the help.
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