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Nov 15, 2011, 12:39:02 AM11/15/11
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Hi there!

Some news:


The Resurgence 2xCDs have arrived at the TQA store!

Shipping is higher than usual because it's a double CD. I've added a
FAQ explaining Canada Post's rates here:

The Resurgence & Unconquered LPs will probably arrive at the store in
about a month. HOWEVER - I will most likely *not* have enough special
limited edition for sale. And if I do have enough of the regular black
vinyl edition for the store, I will probably only be shipping them to
North America - as it would cost 38$ to ship a 2xLP overseas (see FAQ
above). It will be cheaper & fairer to go through my label Denovali,
as they ship 4-6 LPs overseas from Germany for only 16 euros, and much
cheaper than that within Europe. The pre-order for both Resurgence
2xCD/2xLP/2xLP+7" & Unconquered 2xLP is still on-going, and you can
also purchase the digital downloads instantly through them.

That said - if you are able to purchase any of these, please do it
through the label as they are investing a huge amount of money to make
beautiful high-quality packaging for my releases. We'll probably see
more albums and vinyl re-issues from them in the near future if it all
works out:

Denovali is also booking my next European tour for April 2012 with
label mate & Montreal friends AUN. If you're a booker, or (know)
someone interested in booking us, please contact them - you will find
our potential routing, updated as they go along on this page:



I have a new track called "Aeronaut" on SEQUENCE2 compilation curated
by Future Sequence UK webzine, along with 42 other ambient/electronic/
experimental artists such as: Seaworthy, Jannick Schou, Felicia
Atkinson, Nils Frams & Anne Muller, etc. My track is about a boy
trying to reach imaginary planets on a propeller plane/space shuttle
hybrid. The whole compilation (4+ hours!) is available as a FREE
download - more info here:



I will also have another track called "The Battle of Tohoku" on the
More Hope for Japan compilation curated by German label Oxide Tones,
along with 36 other post-rock/indie/ambient artists - including: The
Toy Library, Labirinto, Messages to Bear, Absent Without Leave, The
Ascent Of Everest, Her Name is Calla, Signal Hill, etc. There will be
a special 4xCD edition limited to 100 copies only -also available as a
digital download. This is coming up at the end of the month, so check
often if you want to be sure to snatch a copy. Of course, all the
money goes to Japan - everything is explained on the website. More
info on the comp here:



None of the planned releases will be ready for 2011 - the last one is
Parallel Lines' 11:3:11 2x3" CDR/DVDR, which is still hot:

In the beginning of 2012, we will be releasing polish composer Adrian
Anioł's Arrhythmia's soundtrack, which is currently being remixed and
remastered as a new work. For now, you can listen to his stuff here:

We'll also be co-releasing a 3xCD document from Aidan Baker &
thisquietarmy, which will feature live solo sets as well as a live
collaborative performance from our European tour last june.

The Aural Diptych split series will still go on. Lovesliescrushing's
Scott Cortez & Melissa Arpin-Duimstra still haven't delivered their
"Glinter" split, but it should be ready very soon. We are also talking
to some new and interesting artists into doing some together, stay


That will be all for now... As usual, I'm pretty active on Facebook/
Twitter for daily happenings & occasional glimpses of what I'm up to.

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