Windows python3 beta installers

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Matt Harbison

May 7, 2022, 11:09:10 PMMay 7
to TortoiseHg Developers
The installers are available here, built from the install scripts in the repo, using py2exe:

The contents are hg a932cad26d37 with an additional hack[1] to deal with stdio, and a merge of thg 4cee31cc4c77 into thg f441c7fe87fc (i.e. the current default for both post 6.1.2 merge).

The good news is hg-git is bundled again, and most of the thg functionality I've tried works.

The known issues are:
  - the pager functionality is disabled in hg (there was no output from commands writing to the pager- it has to do with not using legacy stdio mode, it seems).
  - curses doesn't work because py2exe can't find _curses.pyd with py3 for some reason.
  - The MSI sometimes simply adds files to an existing installation and adds a new entry in Add/Remove programs.  I've also seen it cleanly upgrade from py2 without this problem, so I have no idea what the issue is.  You may want to uninstall an existing installation first, especially if they are other py3 betas.
  - There are almost certainly bytes vs str issues lurking, but I haven't hit any so far.
  - The text in the config text editor (File > Settings > Edit File) appears to use a variable width font.  I have no idea why.  It's more than annoying because if you start typing in the middle of a line, the characters may show up much earlier in the line, and not at the caret location.
  - The extension-versions.txt is a complete lie, and will probably be dropped.  It's easy enough to find out most of the items from `hg version -v` or Help > About.

Please test this and file bugs in the bug tracker[2], using the "Windows py3 release" milestone.  There's ~2 months until Mercurial drops py2 support.  I need to make a pass over that and close some of the stuff there that's already been fixed.  And of course if anyone knows how to resolve these issues (including the hack needed to hg), that would be a big help too.

Thanks to Guillaume Ayoub for getting this into the initial working state.

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