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Jun 25, 2009, 8:43:05 AM6/25/09
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Like the book(s) .. or not. Vampires were not what I had in mind when I created it .. but there is a little magic in this bracelet, so if you want to think of Edward and Bella .. and all the other magical personages within Stephenie Meyer's imagination .. it's OK. It works.

However, the magic in this piece comes from the glass used for these hand crafted lamp work beads .. I have other lamp work beads (as well as Swarovski crystals) that have the same kind of inherent magic - an ability to change color in different light. I have no idea how or why it works, it just does. Under the lamp light I use to take photographs - and beneath the lights in my studio - these beads appear to be pale blue. Sky blue, if you will. However, when moved outdoors (and perhaps beneath some other as yet untried artificial lighting) they turn an ever so soft and tender violet. The way the sky changes .. at Twilight.

I've had this one on the tip of my brain for weeks .. I continued to let it stew in there while assembling some pretty, delicate, sparkly little beaded pieces recently - until it finally emerged. With the exception of that one gorgeous rectangular sterling silver India bead (and my pure silver logo charm), this is strictly sterling silver wire and lamp work glass. I wrapped and cut all the connecting rings, made and work-hardened all the sterling eye pins holding the lamp work beads in place, wrapped the 26 gauge wire around the horseshoe link and made the little spiral charm and s-hook clasp. I think there's balance here - what do you think?

It fits my EZ-Size bracelet device at 7.75", so would comfortably fit a 7.5" wrist with a little room to spare. I love this piece!! I have a drawer full of smaller (and all absolutely gorgeous) lamp work beads from talented lamp workers from all over .. and am now thinking I might have to try this in a more delicate version. Or even something in 14k gold-filled wire!

My creative muse still pops in occasionally and sits on my shoulder .. I'm hoping she'll stay a little longer this time. She makes me happy when she's sittin' there smilin' down on me.

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