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Jul 26, 2008, 2:40:16 AM7/26/08
Early 2009... "Flash: Rebirth" by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver.  Yup, the guys who did "Green Lantern: Rebirth". 
While I'm still REALLY ticked off about Barry Allen coming back, I will pick up this mini-series (and subsequent ongoing I'm sure).  This new series will not just be about Barry Allen, but all the Flashes.  I've always been a big fan of the Flash (with Wally being my favorite).  I've noticed recently just how much Flash stuff I own.  I guess I never realized how much I love this character until recently.  I even read quite a bit of the Barry Allen series back in the day.  My frustration and ranting comes from Barry being brought back after 20 years, and the potential impact on Wally.
Oh well, I'm in on this one.  I love the Flash and I'm sure I will enjoy Geoff John's "CSI: Central City" approach to the book.  It's like I hate that Hal Jordan was brought back, but Geoff John's sure has written a great Green Lantern series.  I'm really hoping Geoff John's leaves Green Lantern around the same time as the new Flash series.  Because once he leave's GL, it's going to stink on ice.  Then I can drop it again. 
Here's to the Flash comic being good again!

The Irredeemable Shag

Michael Bailey

Jul 26, 2008, 9:51:00 AM7/26/08
They are being very cryptic as far as Wally is concerned, but yeah the presences of Johns tends to lead to some conflicted feelings.  I liked GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH and I will probably end up liking this.
It still seems like DC is turning back the clock, but when in Rome and all that.

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Jul 26, 2008, 2:17:37 PM7/26/08
to The Unique Geek
Interesting fact I just ran across...

Barry Allen had a 247 issue run: Flash 104-350; 1956-1986 = 30 years
Wally West has had 242 issues so far (and will go at least a few
more): Flash 1-242 (and still going); 1986-2008 = 22 years

Wally has been the Flash for almost as many issues as as Barry, and
almost as many years. And sadly it looks like he'll be pushed aside
to let Barry take the spotlight. I'm sure Wally will still be a
"Flash", but Barry will probably be the primary one that DC's
pushes.. Just like Kyle is still a "Green Lantern", but Hal is DC's
primary one they push (Hal stars in the "Green Lantern" series, while
Kyle is simply a member of the Corps comic).

The Irredeemable Shag

Terry Morton

Jul 26, 2008, 4:50:48 PM7/26/08
I think that this will be a good thing.  The current Flash series is pretty bad and has been bad since Geoff left it.

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Michael Bailey

Jul 26, 2008, 6:24:13 PM7/26/08
Here's the thing though; more than one Green Lantern works in the grand scheme of things because there is a precident of the Corps.  While Jay Garrick has been running along side Wally as the Flash since 1993 you can look at those two characters and immediately see that they are different.  Add to that the fact that more often than not Jay is called Jay and not Flash and it makes it more difficult for two characters to run around in the same costume and go by the same name.
I am in no way saying that FLASH: REBIRTH is going to be bad and I really can't argue that Wally is getting the shaft because many fans said the same thing about Barry 23 years ago.  I am genuinely looking forward to this but there are two problems with Barry coming back:
1. All of the character work that had been done with Wally that was screwed over afte INFINITE CRISIS becomes almost moot.  I could be wrong but I can't see Wally and Barry both operating as the Flash because Wally spent most of his series trying to get out of Barry's shadow and now not only is Barry back but he's the Flash.
2. When Barry died and Wally became the Flash there was a sense of growth.  When Barry comes back and steps in as the Flash there is a sense that the creators are turning the clocks back and doing the characters they grew up on just to do it.  Again, I am not saying that the mini-series and eventual ongoing will be bad, but at the same time it smacks of near fan fiction.
In the end I am buying the series.  I like the creative team even though Johns seems to be putting a fresh coat of paint on old concepts.  I like his writing enough to give a pass on that. 
Then again I am hoping for a SUPERMAN: REBIRTH to come out so they can finally straighten out that messy continuity.


Terry Morton

Jul 26, 2008, 7:30:50 PM7/26/08
I understand what you're saying, but I'm not too worried about it.  I think they can all be the Flash simultaneously.  I think that the different Flashes are unique enough to all bring something interesting to the table.


Jul 27, 2008, 11:16:34 AM7/27/08
to The Unique Geek
Things like this also have the potential to draw in new fans. I've
always been interested in this character, but the thought of diving
into years and years of history and plotlines was too overwhelming. I
feel like this will give newcomers a good entry point, and I'm a fan
of Geoff Johns. Of course, I realize this might piss off longtime
Flash lovers.

Jason Service

Jul 28, 2008, 10:43:17 AM7/28/08
so what...piss them off, it is a valid point.
collect the books you like and you think are going in a positive direction, dump the crap. That is the only way to be pleased with comics
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