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Steve Portigal

May 23, 2006, 4:55:37 PM5/23/06
to theor...@googlegroups.com
Hey, welcome everyone!

We've got more than 50 people in about 24 hours, that's pretty
fantastic. Here's some thoughts...

- this list isn't part of anthrodesign - the announcement was posted
in many different locations (and I'm sure lots of people who signed
up are not from the anthrodesign list and don't know about it etc.)
so we're not going to put this conversation back ONTO another list.
We'll use this list

- opinions expressed so far suggest that an email list (which is
viewable on the web, by the way, if you prefer that to receiving
email) is preferable - we can start that way (which makes the "plan"
in our name something that may obsolete) and let's just keep in mind
the other options that are available to complement or supplement

- this is about theory, not practice. It's not about developing
skills like getting ideas about how to recruit for a study, or
whatever - there are other resources for that, let's focus

- let's be a "study group" not a discussion group - I'm not sure
exactly what that means, but let's focus on existing theoretical
work, not on creating our own or sharing personal theories - some the
suggestions so far that mirror a graduate seminar sound really good

- in a graduate seminar, if you register, and want a grade, you have
to contribute - we have no such club to beat each other with - are we
okay with "lurkers" - people who are members and may contribute to
discussions but may not contribute to LEADING discussions or
presenting work or summarizing? I say that's fine, it's inevitable,
it's part of the medium (and part of life?)

- I think figuring out what material to start with will be a
challenge - since maybe we don't all share a common definition of
what theory means in the context of user research. I know from
browsing the list membership that there are definitely some people
here for whom this is well within their comfort zone, and I'd love to
hear suggestions on this

Steve Portigal -- http://www.portigal.com
blog -- http://chittahchattah.blogspot.com

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