Book Launch Announcement: Working Dad - How To Win In Your Career And Fatherhood

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Dec 7, 2013, 5:56:24 PM12/7/13

Book Launch Announcement: Working Dad - How To Win In Your Career And Fatherhood
ASA my name is Farhan Qureshi, I’m a VFX artist and writer living and working in London, this week I am launching my new book called ‘Working Dad - How To Win In Your Career And Fatherhood’. 

The book is available now as both paperback and for immediate download to your Kindle/Kindle app here
If you are a working parent you know exactly the challenges involved in balancing your time and energy between raising your children and developing your career. 
This book is for dads by dads, everything in here is related back to you the dad.
This is not a book about bringing up children, this is not about how to potty train toddlers, this book is one hundred percent for you, the dad or the dad-to-be. This book gives you the techniques and methods to
-        earn more money,
-        have more time to spend with your child and
-        how to make sure you all enjoy your quality time together.
'Working Dad' gives you techniques to
-        analyse how your current choices around work life balance are contributing to your lifestyle and
-        how to identify those choices that empower you and those that drain away your energy, time and money. Through these techniques you will be able to dictate the work life balance that you want.

In this book I will give you strategies to
-        maximise your money to make it go further
-        grow your money
-        earn more money whilst working fewer hours
-        make you more valuable to your company
-        use emerging technology to boost your productivity and
-        compete in the office on less sleep and less energy than your co-workers.
For book launch week only I’ve dropped the price to less than half the standard RRP, you can purchase the book now at - it is available in both paperback and kindle (if you are reading this message then you can already read kindle books through your phone/tablet/compute even web browser through the free kindle reading app –
Whether you are or know a Mum or Dad, Mum-to-be or a Dad-to-be this is a must read book.
Here is the latest 5 star review of ‘Working Dad - How To Win In Your Career And Fatherhood’ from the Amazon store
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
A must have companion and guide for every expectant and new father. The dilemma of being either an attentive father or a go-ahead executive is a real one and Farhan Qureshi's pragmatic suggestions go a long way towards resolving the seemingly unsolvable.
Chapter titles include:
-        How to survive your paternity leave
-        Multitasking - how to do it effectively
-        Getting your kids involved in the to-do list
-        The rat race is going on with or without you
-        Work less - earn more
-        Spare time - getting though your to do list faster
-        Waiting for an opportunity versus creating an opportunity
-        Keeping up with the Joneses
-        Travelling away for work
-        When your partner doesn't have time for you
-        When you don't have time for your partner
-        When you want different things out of life for your kids
-        Secondary and passive incomes
-        Long form money
-        Opportunity Costs
Get ready to see how you can earn more money than ever and have plenty of time to spend with your children.
With Amazon’s money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase you can get a one hundred percent money back guarantee.  The Kindle version will allow you to sample the first 10% of the book for free so you can try before you buy. 
Buy the book now at the special book launch price – the world needs dads more now than ever, engaged dads, dads who are not stressed out, dads who are not constantly working long hours – the world needs dads like you.  This book is for you the dad or the dad to be. 
Buy ‘Working Dad - How To Win In Your Career And Fatherhood’ here
Thanks so much for your time.
Farhan Qureshi
Please visit my parenting blog –
About me:
The author himself has two children aged four and one at the time of publishing. He has forged a successful career working as a VFX artist on such projects as Harry Potter 3, 4 and 5, Batman Begins, Riddick, Pirates!, Alien vs Predator as well as being one of the main suppliers of CG animation for the London 2012 Olympics. Like many in the VFX industry the author has spent many months away travelling for work, throughout he maintained his relationship with his kids. The author will show you how you can use technology while away to communicate and maintain teaching your children letters and numbers and how to use your time at home to make sure that you enjoy the time you have with your kids.
The full list of Amazon stores to buy from are here
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Thank you.
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