Filename of Re-Ripped defect files stays as defect ?

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Sep 16, 2010, 7:22:38 AM9/16/10
to thelastripper-dev

I installed TheLastRipper a few days ago.
Settings: saviving into artist\album\track, mark defect tracks, don't
exclude ripped songs.
Observed: some songs are skipped with FEc (File Exists case instead of
quarantine ??)
even though their filename in the directory still shows
xxxdefect.mp3.mp3 in the filename.

I scanned trhough the sources of the WinBranch and found the part
where the health of existing songs is checked before reripping. In the
output window a health > 100 is shown (not really clear, which song
has what health level, perhaps add part of the titel to the line ?)
and the ripping is skipped.

This leads me to assume, that on a subsequent rip of a defect ripped
song the "correct" song is saved without correcting the prieviously
set to "defect" filename - but I have not grokked the code this far as
of now. Perhaps somebody better acquainted with the sources will jump
in - currently I am spending quite some time trying to fit the pieces
metnally together...



Jonas Finnemann Jensen

Sep 19, 2010, 6:48:16 AM9/19/10
I think Andreas is the only one who really know what goes on with song health and stuff...

By the way, if you end up making some improvement I'll happily grant you commit access... There's currently not much active development, so any improvements/bugfixes etc, are welcome...

Regards Jonas Finnemann Jensen.

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