This is a companion group to and to the meetup at  Please see these locations for more information.  Initially I am using this group to discuss media creation, but I reserve the right to hold organizational discussions here later as well (although many of those will fall under cake party Austin or cake party [your city here] instead of just Cake Party).

I would recommend anybody on this list to start by reading the General Pamphlet and Website to start, and then let me know if there is any content you would recommend changes too.  I am also planning to write a pamphlet for teachers (one possible topic focus:  Why so many teachers lost their jobs and why this is connected to the roaring twenties and great depression), a pamphlet for small businesses (We are the 95%!), and a general economics pamphlet that explains in simple terms what neoliberal economics is and why it is dead wrong.

I would like to make this a group effort, so let me know if you have any ideas.  

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