McFaul op-ed shows ignorance and rabid Russophobia

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Blue Pilgrim

Mar 26, 2014, 12:50:35 AM3/26/14

John Robles is just SO on top of this. (I
disagree with his opinion on gay marriage, but I
think he is dead on with everything else.) I
think he is better than Chomsky in this
explanation, even if covering much the same general territory.
He write regularly and also has some very good
audio interviews with top analysts -- look for
his radio programs:

25 March 2014, 17:37
McFaul op-ed shows ignorance and rabid Russophobia

Photo: RIA Novosti

Immediately after his arrival in Moscow and
before even unpacking his bags, the former US
Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, met with
members of the George Soros/USAID funded
"opposition" and gave his agents their marching
orders. Of course sugar coating the relationship
between the US and the Russian opposition with
words like "democracy" and "human rights" played
well to the audience in the US and the West,
however it did not go over as well as McFaul had
hoped for here in Russia. Despite not being a
diplomat neocon Michael McFaul was chosen as the
US Ambassador to Russia because he was a
specialist on color revolutions and was sent to
organize just such a revolution here in Moscow,
unfortunately Russians were to wise to fall for
it, and immediately upon leaving he made his true colors known.

Color revolution architect as ambassador

Perhaps it is thanks to the fact that McFaul was
not a diplomat and lacked real formal training
for the job of ambassador that all of his actions
in attempting to organize a color revolution in
Russia were so easy to spot and so easy to expose
and stop. It can also be said that like the color
revolution and coup organizers in Ukraine and the
geo-political architects in Washington, McFaul
knew nothing about the people of Russia or what
makes them tick. This is a repeated error in US
regime change planning but like most errors made
by the US they are repeated again and again.

Even while Obama hailed him as a Russia "expert"
and he was okay by Zbignew Brezhinsky it was
clear from day one that McFaul was clearly way
out of his element in Moscow and while he thought
his "oh gee see what a nice normal smiling guy I
am" meme was an effective masquerade, his little
act did little to convince anyone that he had
come to Moscow to improve Russia-US relations,
his actions made it clear he had come to very
actively meddle. From the outset he stated he had
come to educate Russians on America.
Unfortunately Russians are very well aware who and what America is.

From payouts to the opposition, involvement in
Bolotnaya, stories of a $460 million reward for
bringing about an armed insurrection, spy
scandals and attempts to manipulate and sway
civil society, McFaul’s time in Moscow was marked
by continuous attempts to subvert or manipulate
the Russian Government and the Russian people,
and endless attempts to pull the wool over the
eyes of Russia’s media and its citizens.

Perhaps his only diplomatic success was
convincing certain officials that the US
Brezhinsky formed foreign policy establishment
did in fact wish to carry out some sort of
"reset" in relations. This "reset" was a ruse to
convince Russia to allow for NATO to place more
military elements along Russian borders, to gain
Russian assistance on the illegal US war in
Afghanistan and distract Russia from continued
attempts to weaken and divide the country and undermine its leaders.

Like the opposition he paid and instructed he had
one main job: to get rid of President Vladimir
Putin and to do everything to weaken Russia and
prevent it from challenging the US. Removing
President Putin from power was the only goal of
the Bolotnaya "Pussy Riot" opposition and this
was clear to all Russians, because the opposition
did not offer an alternative, they did not have a
platform of their own, all of them had one
agenda: get rid of Putin. Thankfully they failed.

For the most part thanks must be given to the
robust and effective Russian intelligence and
security services, in particular the efforts of
the Federal Security Service (FSB), since all of
McFaul’s plans were cut off at the pass. Through
the expelling of USAID and the law on foreign
agents, all of his instruments of subversion were taken away.

While he was in Russia he failed win the hearts
and minds of Russians and failed to find common
ground and a diplomatic position on issues such
as Syria, Jackson Vannick, the Magnitsky list and
even Edward Snowden. Under his watch the CIA
continuously attempted to recruit members of the
security services and police but even that was
for the most part a complete failure, and like
his academic work before his "diplomatic" work,
his legacy was lackluster, one completely devoid
of any accomplishments and overall a complete
failure. Obviously he failed to fulfill his mission in Russia.

When McFaul arrived in Moscow he said he came to
educate the Russian people on America, when he
left he was sorry he could not convince anyone he
had not come to organize a revolution. Such
statements make it clear that Russia "expert"
McFaul had little respect for the intelligence of
Russians and a complete lack of understanding about Russia in general.

Yet he continues to be presented in the western
media as a Russia expert when it is clear he
knows almost nothing about Russia, how to deal
with the Russian people and how to work with the Russian Government.

How someone who: does not speak the language,
never really interfaced with the Russian people
and spent his entire time in Moscow hiding in the
embassy or going places where the people only
spoke English, can pretend to be a Russia expert
is beyond me, but just as he was so transparently
trying to organize a color revolution in Russia
he is now just as transparently continuing to
demonize Russia and repeating lie after lie in
what can only be described as propaganda for idiots.

His calls for more NATO troops on Russian
borders, isolating Russia and ridding Europe of
any influence or dependence on Russia are not
calls from an expert on Russia or a diplomat but
from any neoconservative right wing chicken hawk whack job in the US.

While the western media continues to say McFaul
left Moscow of his own volition it is clear that
there were many times that he was on the verge of
being declared persona non grata for his
abrasiveness and lack of diplomacy in dealing
with the Russian Government and for his
outrageous statements and behavior and there are
those who say he was asked to leave at a Kremlin
meeting in December. Therefore it was no surprise
to see him now demonizing Russia every chance he
gets in the western media no sooner had he left.

McFaul came to Russia to organize a color
revolution and to destroy Russia and President
Putin from within and when he was found out
struck out at everyone who criticized him and his
subversive tactics and polices, including
attempting to discredit and have arrested members
of the Russia press, media and bloggers who he
demonized to no end when they did not print or
report favorable stories about him and his deeds.
He accused media outlets of being KGB operatives
and following him around endlessly and criticized
and threatened any media or its representatives
that did not publish exactly what he wanted them
to publish. I personally faced the wrath of
McFaul for outing his color revolution plans the
day after he arrived a fact I will not forget and
one which you can find out about by Googleing.

Out of touch op-ed

In an op-ed for the New York Times McFaul
obfuscates, lies and pretends to know the Russian
soul but this could be no farther from the truth.
He starts his op-ed by saying "The decision by
President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to annex
Crimea ended the post-Cold War era in Europe."
This statement is wrong on so many levels that it
boggles the mind how anyone who knows anything
about Russia or what happened in Crimea could
possibly be expected to believe it. But then
again it is designed for the American public who
know nothing about what really happened.

McFaul wants you to believe it was first a
decision by President Putin and then that it was
in some way an annexation. First to annex means
to take territory by force, this in no way
happened in Crimea. Second the decision was not
one made by President Putin but was one forced on
the Crimean people by the destabilizations
efforts of the US, the US support for neo-nazis and the US backed coup in Kiev.

While Yulia Tymoshenko and others in Ukraine are
calling for what can be described as genocide
against the Russian population of Ukraine and
with open calls by the Right Sector and nazis to
kill Russians, Crimeans held democratic
referendum and voted to become part of the
Russian Federation. As for Russian forces in
Crimea. I will repeat again, what I have been
saying for months, they have been there for decades under legal agreements.

For McFaul to say: "We did not seek this
confrontation." Shows the complete and utter
disregard he has for the truth and the obvious
stupidity he thinks his audience possesses. We
know by scores of revelations, none more damning
than the conversation that was released between
Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt, that the
entire coup in Ukraine was organized and funded
by the US. Nuland was even kind enough to give us
the price tag, $5 billion, yet McFaul wants to
play innocent and demonize President Putin and
distract the world’s public to the truth. Perhaps
McFaul did not seek this confrontation. Perhaps
the planners in Washington actually thought they
could just subvert the government in Ukraine and
no one would notice or protest and they would be
allowed to subjugate the population and get their
hands on all the resources. Perhaps they thought
their neo-nazi proxies would take all of the heat
and after helping to install a puppet government which just go away. Wrong.

McFaul then says: "This new era crept up on us,
because we did not fully win the Cold War" and
goes on to say what that means which of course we
already know. Russia was supposed to open up its
markets and become another client state for the
West and the US while implementing neo-liberal western policies.

He then says Russians resented the terms of the
Cold War’s end, as if this is something bad. Of
course Russians resented becoming just another US
source for wealth and this was not allowed to
stand. Which is why the West so dislikes
President Putin. Unlike previous leaders who were
willing to give away Russia or sell it off cheap
President Putin said Nyet and for this he is demonized.

McFaul again is delusional when he tries to
separate Russia and President Putin as if he
knows what the people want and can somehow say
they do not want President Putin who enjoys an
over 86% approval rating. He also again fails to
blame his own emperor in chief Obama for pushing
for the coup in Ukraine and the predecessor for invading South Ossetia.

Once again McFaul proves what we all know, with
his cleverly constructed argument attempting to
separate beloved President Putin from the will of
the Russians, he shows he has no idea or
understanding whatsoever of the Russian people.
In his op-ed he attempts to demonize President
Putin while saying the Russian people have
nothing to do with the current state of affairs.

McFaul: "A revisionist autocratic leader
instigated this new confrontation. We did not.
Nor did "Russia" start this new era. Mr. Putin
did. It is no coincidence that he vastly weakened
Russia’s democratic institutions over the last
two years before invading Crimea, and has
subsequently moved to close down independent
media outlets during his Ukrainian land grab."

Given that the entire situation in Ukraine was a
US/NATO/EU organized coup and
territory/resource/military grab orchestrated by
a dictatorial imperial president (Obama) blaming
President Putin is ridiculous. Calling Russia’s
democratic institutions weakened, McFaul is
clearly referring to those that the US could no
longer manipulate, for we know that for the West
"democracy" means exploitable. It was these
"democratic institutions that USAID, McFaul and
the US’ NGO brigade attempted to subvert control and exploit.

To characterize anything that has occurred in
Crimea as an invasion is clearly beyond the pale.
The real act of aggression with regard to the
situation in Ukraine lies with the US pulling off a violent coup in Kiev.

Again we must recall that Russia had the right,
for almost 2 decades to station up to 25,000
troops in Crimea. You can not invade a country
where you are already located, yet McFaul and the
western media ignore this fact. As for the media
outlets, it has only been the US and the
Ukrainian Bandera Nazis that have closed down
media outlets, forbidden foreign journalists from
entering Ukraine and who have censored and
published false reports regarding the real
situation in Crimea. Recent coverage of Svoboda
operatives beating the director of Ukrainian
channel one and forcing him to resign under
duress are further proof of US media manipulation.

McFaul: "Ukraine must succeed as a democracy, a
market economy and a state. High on its reform
list must be energy efficiency and
diversification, as well as military and corruption reforms."

Again the hypocrisy of McFaul is mind numbing.
They brought neo-nazis to power and speak of
democracy? The CIA/NATO/US/EU have done
everything possible to make Ukraine fail as a
state. As for a "market economy" this obviously
means easily exploitable by the West because
Ukraine’s real economy depended on trade with
Russia and that is what the West wants to stop.
If the US and the West wanted Ukraine to prosper
and grow they would have encouraged Ukraine to
join the Russian led Customs Union which would
have seen the country gaining $100 billion in 7
years, as opposed to a measly $1 billion from the
US with IMF sovereignty ridding and enslaving
conditions attached. But we know the US does no
want other countries to prosper, on the contrary
the US is in the business of destroying and
subverting nations and this fact is documented.

With regard to energy, we know that part of the
EU agreement entails giving the entire Russian
gas pipeline to Exxon oil, yes %100.
Diversification means not counting on Russia for
gas but allowing for the import of extremely
expensive American gas, hence one condition of EU
association is raising gas prices to European
levels, very profitable for Exxon oil but coupled
with other austerity measures devastating for the
Ukrainian people. Just another example of how the
West intends to enslave Ukraine and its people.

As for the military reforms McFaul spoke about in
his op-ed, he means allowing NATO into the
country and then going through the expensive and
massive "NATO" interoperability upgrades. Again
requiring huge amounts of the countries GDP to be
directed to the military for the obtainment of US
sold hardware, training and equipment. Again
profitable only for huge American corporations
and devasting for the Ukrainian population. As
for corruption this is laughable and anyone
reading McFaul’s words should be rolling on the
floor with laughter. Klitschko, Tugyabok and
Yatsenyuk, are all bought and paid for and the
current western installed puppet regime in Kiev
is probably one of the most corrupt to have ever
existed in Europe in modern times.Ukrainians were
already upset about corruption and the Bandera
nazis have only move corruption up to the level of outright lawlessness.

McFaul: "Also, as during the 20th century, those
states firmly on our side must be assured and
protected. NATO has moved quickly already, but
these efforts must be sustained through greater
placement of military hardware in the front-line
states, more training and integration of forces,
and new efforts to reduce NATO countries’ dependence on Russian energy."

While some in Russia believed the West wanted a
reset rhetoric like this proves that the US/NATO
has done nothing but continue expanding and
viewing Russia as an enemy. Another fact lacking
in McFaul’s rant is the fact the Ukraine is NOT a NATO member.

We already know that US/NATO want to surround
Russia and install missile "defense" elements
that are part of a first nuclear strike
capability that will allow for any of Russia’s
retaliatory missiles to be liquidated, but Russia
has advanced past their technology and this will
never work. McFaul calling for more NATO forces
and troops on Russia’s borders is nothing but
military brinkmanship and saber rattling from a
chicken hawk too foolish to understand the subtleties of diplomacy.

In this single statement McFaul admits once and
for all that Russia is still viewed as enemy
number one in the US and that it is NATO that has
been tasked with taking over and surrounding
Russia at the expense of NATO member countries.
Do NATO countries know they are merely vassals
and slaves carrying out Washington’s geopolitical
ambitions? Obviously if they did they might protest.

McFaul: "And, as before, the current regime must
be isolated. The strategy of seeking to change
Kremlin behavior through engagement, integration
and rhetoric is over for now. No more membership
in the Group of 8, accession to the Organization
for Economic Cooperation and Development or
missile defense talks. Instead there must be
sanctions, including against those people and
entities — propagandists, state-owned
enterprises, Kremlin-tied bankers — that act as
instruments of Mr. Putin’s coercive power.
Conversely, individuals and companies not
connected to the government must be supported,
including those seeking to take assets out of Russia or emigrate."

Oh how they love to use the word regime to
demonize. If we want to talk about regimes that
must be isolated let’s talk about the Obama
regime, a regime guilty for more death and
destruction than any other in modern history
including the current destabilization in Ukraine.

Why must Russia be isolated? Because the US says
so? Because it is not a client state? Because it
is amassing wealth and geopolitical clout while
calling for the rule of law, respect for
sovereignty and an end to lawlessness? Because it
is providing Europe with goods and services decreasing the US hold on Europe?

Changing Kremlin behavior? Coming from a regime
guilty of more international crimes than any
since Hitler the hypocrisy is stunning.

As for sanctions against "propagandists" (that
means me and I ask once again include me on your
sanctions list) and the like and exclusion from
the G-8, etc.. This is truly laughable. Europe
needs Russia, the G-8 countries need Russia. It
was the only country in the group with a positive
overall economic dynamic. And as we have seen
Russian officials openly laugh at the US
sanctions list and call it an attempt at
political blackmail. When enough Russian
officials feel the need to visit Disneyland or
the like, I am sure Russia will build its own.

Calling everything an instrument of President
Putin’s power is also ludicrous and finally
calling for those who want to take the wealth out
of the country to be supported is so ridiculously
self-serving as to also be laughable. Has Russia
ever called for those wishing to steal from the
US and bring the money overseas to be supported? No. Unbelieveable.

McFaul: "One obvious difference is that the
Internet did not exist during the last standoff.
Recent Kremlin moves to cut off citizens from
independent information are disturbing, but the
communications revolution ensures that Russians
today will not be as isolated as their grandparents."

Against the hypocrisy is breathtaking. Russia has
more independent media than any other country in
the world and has not attempted to censor it. Nor
has it attempted to control or censor the
internet unlike the US and the West. One thing
McFaul forgot is that the Internet has also
allowed for common Russians to understand the
truly nefarious and black nature of US foreign policy and NATO expansion.

McFaul: "Greater exposure to the world gives
Russians a comparative analysis to judge their situation at home."

It is a shame Americans do not have the same exposure.

McFaul: "But there are two important differences
that weaken our hand. First, the United States
does not have the same moral authority as it did
in the last century. As ambassador, I found it
difficult to defend our commitment to sovereignty
and international law when asked by Russians,
"What about Iraq?" Some current practices of
American democracy also do not inspire observers
abroad. To win this new conflict, we must restore
the United States as a model."

Commitment to sovereignty and international law?
Did he really say that? Yes he did. Sovereignty
like in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, Cuba, Serbia, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

As for some current practices, there is the
overthrowing of governments and the destabilizing
of countries such as Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria,
Egypt and others. The continuing operation of an
illegal extra-territorial torture prison and the
almost daily extra-judicial executions by the
imperial killer in chief in Obama, the only
leader in the world who kills anyone anywhere in
the world at will. There is also the massive
global spying, the police surveillance security
state, the ongoing practice of aggressive war,
institutionalized racism, police brutality, the
war on journalists and whistleblowers and the list goes on.

The United States will never be a model again.
The support of neo-nazis in Ukraine and the
overthrowing of a democratically elected European
Government guarantee that. Finally the insane US
drive to force the world to accept two men
committing sodomy as a marriage, serves as the
final nail on the coffin of US moral superiority.
Americans need to understand one fact. They are
exceptional and "chosen" only in their own minds.

The US’ Ukrainian puppets call for genocide

Further underlining the nature of, and who in
fact are, the criminals that the US and McFaul
support another conversation was leaked on the
internet. As with Nuland/Pyatt and the choosing
of puppets and Ashton/Paet regarding the Madian
snipers being hired by the western backed nazis,
a new conversation between former Ukrainian Prime
Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and the former Deputy
Secretary of National Security and Defense Nestor
Shufrych during which it was said that Ukrainians
must take up arms against Russians so that not
even scorched earth will be left where Russia
stands and that the 8 million Russians in Ukraine
must be killed, has caused quite a stir.

Of course calls for genocide against Russians is
not being squawked about in the West. Like the
indigenous peoples of the Americas, Russians are
views as (according to Yulia Tymoshenko)
superfluous and a pest that has to be eradicated.
Dear world, please wake up. It will only take one
little trade agreement, or one non-US-sanctioned
choice by your leaders, and your country may be
next. As for McFaul, he should keep his day job
and stay out of geopolitics and regime change
operations, we can see where that has gotten the
US so far. Zilch. And several tens of billions of dollars just thrown away.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own.
I can be droned, sanctioned or threatened at Have a great day and thanks for reading.

John Robles
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