Support of land claim goes against reality, Posted Aug. 15, Chief Grant Tysick

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to The Frontenac Uranium Standoff
Support of land claim goes against reality
Posted Aug. 15, Pembroke Observer


I was very surprised to read Mr. Beck's article in support of this
land claim. Since he is an outdoorsman, I guess he did not read the
August issue of Outdoors Ontario. Most of the readers of that magazine
are aware that many outdoors organizations in Ontario call this land
claim flawed, behind-closed-doors dealings with no consultation to the
Algonquins or the settlers, something the six Algonquin communities
not at the negotiation table and Outdoors Ontario agree on.

In the writer's first paragraph he talks about how Algonquin rights
will always be upheld in this territory after the treaty, but what he
does not say is he sits in Superior Court of Justice on the same side
of the courtroom as the Ministry of Natural

Resources, while 10 Algonquins and one chief are in litigation trying
to save them, so how does he see Algonquin rights being upheld? The
Algonquins consist of six from Pikwakanagan, three from Whitney and
two Algonquins from the Kinounchepirini Algonquin First Nation.

Mr. Beck forgot to let the non- Algonquin readers in the territory
know how their rights are being protected with this negotiation when
it pertains to private property. As you might not be aware, the
Corporation of Ontario takes the position that you only own the
topsoil and the government owns what is under the topsoil. To verify
this you can contact Reverend John Hudson in Ardoch. So this land
claim the writer supports allows the province to cut down your trees,
put Trillium tags on your stumps, stake your land for uranium
exploration and not even knock on your door.

The writer also talked about the property that was neglected since the
'80s.Well yes, he is right and since then the Algonquins from the
territory known as Quebec and Ontario have been in Ceremony on the
property, I do not think the Algonquins from the traditional Algonquin
Nation will agree with his future on the property or the Ministry of
Natural Resources, as I would hope that these parties would respect
our Algonquin culture rights and start looking for a new pond.

Chief Grant Tysick,

Pembroke, ON
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