Indian tribe documents nuclear radiation issues, Dec. 1, 2009,

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Dec 2, 2009, 7:32:48 AM12/2/09
to The Frontenac Uranium Standoff
Indian tribe documents nuclear radiation issues
Dec. 1 2009

Kichesipirini Documents Nuclear Industry Contaminant Exposure
Concerns – The Dialogue Denied Us The Dominion December 1, 2009 Paula
Principal Sachem
Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation The leadership of the
Kichesipirini Algonquin First Nation continue final edits on document
that raises serious questions concerning chronic public exposures to
dangerous environmental contaminants and that such ongoing deliberate
exposure is directly associated with ongoing government and industry
refusal to recognize Kichesipirini as a verifiable historical
Algonquin nation, and our continued assertions of the legal and moral
right to exercise our inherent and inalienable traditional governance
……….Kichesipirini community members suspected that the many
irregularities, especially the allocating of public monies and certain
inflated responsibilities and jurisdictions regarding the Algonquin
Nations particular relationship with the Manhattan Project and nuclear
industry to Aboriginal communities that did not possess such
authority, to be indicative of a systemic refusal to genuinely inform
the public about the issues, thereby blocking all chances to actual
accountability and examination of the facts, and that such demographic
manipulations were probably indicative of some larger issues…….
…………The document entitled “The Dialogue Denied Us” exposes the
many inherent flaws associated with Canada’s existing Aboriginal
domestic policy, land claims negotiations, and ongoing failures in
dealing with the numerous concerns associated with Canada’s
involvement in the Manhattan Project and broader nuclear industry
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