The Role of Equity and Diversity in ECE OER Resources

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Here are the links to the textbook:

Generic (no COC cover)
The original COC version
The book has also been added to the LibreText platform (which offers an LTI that will upload the content into your course management system, such as Canvas, in an iframe). This platform also allows users to easily customize and remix content to make their "own" book. You can view this book at

The book has been translated into Spanish by the Child Development Training Consortium. I have attached their original PDF and Word and then also turned them into a generic version that does not have the COC cover.


COC Version in Spanish

Generic Version in Spanish

It is licensed CC BY, which means you can use, distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon it, as long as you give credit for the original creation (I should note that you need to review the licenses of the source content as it's not all CC-BY).

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Sharing is Caring

One of the best parts of the Open movement is that it fosters potentially large scale collaboration. 

If you've created your own resources:
  • If you are using this book and you've created resources to go along with it (PowerPoints, quiz banks, activities, videos) we would love to see those shared. Consider putting a Creative Commons license on those and sharing them here by clicking on New Topic above. If you post something without a Creative Commons license, it is assumed to be protected by copyright. With a Creative Commons license you give permission to others to retain, reuse, revise, remix, and distribute, If you have questions about licensing, please check out Creative Common's About Our Licensing page or email:
If you've found other great, freely available resources:
  • If you use supplementary resources that are not your own, but are freely available (YouTube videos, TedTalks, websites, etc.), you are also welcome to share those. Just be sure to note that they are not your resources and are for supplemental purposes only. 
If you've found an error and/or want to give feedback:
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