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Duncan Cragg

Feb 12, 2012, 1:28:53 PM2/12/12
to The Object Network
Well, he wouldn't approve, but here's how I got TBL's Semantic Web
contact object into the Object Network, with just a day's work:

Starting with DBPedia, using their JSON serialisation:


I take that link and plug it into my new API-to-Object-Network -
service (the one that took a day to write and deploy):


So now you can view him - and his mum and dad - in Object-Mash:


I've added a link to him from my own contact object, along with Alan
Turing, which can be found from the original link I gave you:


I've also added a 'More' link to Bletchley Park, linking to its
DBPedia contact object.

Note (1) that Object-Mash currently only shows one nested level, not
two or more. So you'll have to open up my contact object to full-size
to see TBL and Alan nested. Then open up TBL full size to see his
parents. Similarly, you have to go to Bletchley Park's object to see
the 'More' version.
Note (2) that DBPedia is sometimes very slow.
Note (3) the simple service currently only works for people and places
from DBPedia, and only for a few fields

The domain "api2.the-object.net" points to a Heroku server running
Node.js which is currently just running a script called "rdf2on.js".
That script is currently pretty tiny - it just takes DBPedia's JSON
RDF and contructs Object Net JSON. I'll stick the script up on GitHub
in a minute, assuming that won't clash with Heroku's git system in any

(I found Heroku stupidly easy to get running - I feel slightly guilty
not to pay for such an apparently excellent service. In fact, Node is
stupidly easy, too. We do live a good life these days. You young kids
just don't know how hard it was.. :-)


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