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Aug 15, 2010, 10:18:14 AM8/15/10
to The Lift Book
Hi, I paid for the lift book yesterday navigating from the Lift ws.
Now, I find the same PDF for free here? Does this justify a WTF or did
I miss something?


Aug 15, 2010, 10:20:41 AM8/15/10
to The Lift Book
The book has been available online since day one.

Derek Chen-Becker

Aug 16, 2010, 1:20:52 PM8/16/10
It is not and has never been our intention to dupe people into paying for a book instead of the free version. The book started (and continues) as an open-source project. People started asking for a hard-copy version, and we wanted to help increase Lift's exposure to the tech world, so we partnered with APress to bring a commercial version out. That version is a modified snapshot of what we had written at that point in the free version. On the home page in the Left column we have this text:

New! If you're looking for a deeper dive, have a look at the The Definitive guide to Lift book from APress.

The LyX source to the book is available in the Lift Book repository on GitHub, and will continue to be updated. The mailing list (and some PDF downloads) are available at the Lift Book Google Group page.

I think that the pretty clearly describes the relationship between the commercial and open-source version of the book. I've been updating the free version to cover Lift 2.0, but it's been a slow process. Having said that, though, the APress book is still very relevant vis-a-vis the technologies and techniques we use in Lift.


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Andy Czerwonka

Dec 10, 2010, 3:45:38 PM12/10/10
I bought the book too but it has always been free.  Buy books if you like the convenience of reading them and buy them to support the people who put in the effort to write them.

Kris Nuttycombe

Dec 10, 2010, 3:53:04 PM12/10/10
Also, I strongly suspect that anyone who thinks that Derek, Marius,
and Tyler have come anywhere close to being compensated for the amount
of time that they've put into the book is on crack. Thanks again to
these guys for putting so much time into such a valuable resource for
the community!


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