I changed the cards to basic (and reversed) note type and now all the audio and notes are gone

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Dec 6, 2017, 10:33:24 AM12/6/17
to The Korean Language and Anki
I changed the grammar cards to basic (and reversed) note type in my anki as I changed all my decks to this type but now all the audio and notes are gone from your deck. I have tried to change it back to the original note type and after reading your discussion about not putting reverse in I totally agree (it didn't even come up with a reverse anyway). I just wondered if anyone had any ideas of what I could do about this? If I delete and import the deck again I will lose all of the review dates and intervals for the cards which I have worked so hard on. I am already 1300 cards into the deck so to start from the beginning again would take such a lot of time.


Dec 6, 2017, 3:21:34 PM12/6/17
to The Korean Language and Anki
There are several things you can do to solve this, you don't have to delete the deck. First, Anki makes automatic backups quite frequently. You can try to import a backup from when you hadn't changed the note type yet. You can also try to simply download the deck again and reimport it without deleting it first. This is normally done when the shared deck has been updated with new cards and you wish to get them. I'm not sure if it will update the existing cards.

The most time-consuming way would be this. Create another profile, download the deck, import it, then export it (the notes) as text. Then switch back to your normal profile and import this text file. You will have to match the fields of the notes to the columns of the file. This kind of import will leave your review history intact - I know because I've done it several times with my decks.

If you encounter any problems, please consult the Anki manual or post on the Anki support forum.
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