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Emile Tenezakis

Nov 11, 2021, 2:48:53 AM11/11/21
to The Korean Language and Anki
Hi Evita !

Thank you for this deck, it's really great. I've been studying Korean for some time now, and I always thought having a few if not one excellent resource to rely on for vocabulary that integrates both good translation and explanation, plus the hanja,  would be awesome.

I am wondering if you need help, I'd be happy to devote some time on it. It seems to me that this is basically an Anki formatting of the national institute of language dictionary right? If so, how are you proceeding, are you doing all this manually as you study, or do you rely on programming based automation (like scraping the website) ?

Two examples of words where I could see improvement (1) 트이다 for which the translation on the deck is 'to get cleared, to become better', and (2) 고요하다 which is explained as 'quiet, still, ....'. For both these words there are more possible usage cases than listed, and the Anki translation could be misleading or ambiguous. 트이다 is ambiguously translated as 'to become better', but it's much more particular than that in the dictionary and in the usage of the word. 고요하다 seems to have all the cases but without any precise information. For example, it can be translated as 'peaceful' only if one is talking about one's emotional or psychological state.

As I was thinking through this I realized it wouldn't be too hard to have a code that just scrapes all their website and formats the data to have spit out nice cards like the one you made, with the details that come with it. So I was wondering how you're doing it !
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