HGAC Tour Today - May 24 @ 4pm EDT - Misfits Folly

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John "Pathfinder" Lester

May 24, 2012, 10:51:42 AM5/24/12
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Here's the agenda notecard for today's tour at 4pm EDT.

How to make a Manual Hypergrid Jump in 4 easy steps

1) Open your World Map in your viewer (I recommend Imprudence viewer).
2) In the text box next to the Search button, enter the Hypergrid Address.
3) Click the Search button and wait for the map to move to the destination region.
4) Click the Teleport button.

For a list of Hypergrid Landmarks, see http://becunningandfulloftricks.com/hypergrid-landmarks/

And for more information about our meetings, see http://becunningandfulloftricks.com/hypergrid-adventurers-club.

We always start our meetings on the region "Scooter" on jokaydiaGRID.


Today we'll visit "Misfits Folly," a scifi-themed workshop of Sarge Misfit (https://twitter.com/#!/SargeMisfit).  Check out the giant spacecraft.

Here's our path from the region "Scooter" on jokaydiaGRID:

Hypergrid Address: jokaydia.metaverseworlds.com:8002:Scooter
Landing Region: Scooter
Hypergrid Coordinates: (1000,1000)
Grid/Owner Website: http://jokaydiagrid.com

Hypergrid Address: misfitsfolly.zapto.org:9000:Headquarters
Landing Region: Headquarters
Hypergrid Coordinates: (804,730)
Grid/Owner Website: http://excelsior-station.wikidot.com/
Notes:  Scifi-themed workshop of Sarge Misfit (https://twitter.com/#!/SargeMisfit).  Check out the giant spacecraft.

Wade (aka Starlight Harbour)

Jun 1, 2012, 7:17:34 PM6/1/12
to the-hypergrid-a...@googlegroups.com

 Hi everyone!
I'm working on a new island in OSgrid to help teach conversational English to some university students in China (PRC).
I'm working on being an extension of Englishgrid, which was off line for the scheduled tour a few weeks ago.

As part of that I have built a mountain retreat with some hidden spaces, and a huge "bodyball" stadium.
Bodyball is like soccer, except you have to push the ball with your body instead of kicking it, since the ball is 3 meters across.

I have automatic scoring, time-keeping (four periods of 5 minutes each),  lost-ball return,  and just for fun, a pinball feature where if the ball gets past the goal without going in and hits the backboard,  it is kicked up over everyones' heads back to the center of the field by the backboard.

The viewing area is partly under the playable sides of the stadium, so the action not only comes at ya, it comes right over your head!

Check it out.   We need to get some people interested in playing signed up for teams!

Hypergrid Address: sanctuary.homelinux.org:8012:Gateway1
Hypergrid Address: fleepgrid.com:8002:FleepGrid Plaza
Hypergrid Address:  hg.osgrid.org:80:Bluestar
(  Starlight Harbour = Wade Schuette's grid)

Wade (aka Starlight Harbour)

Jun 1, 2012, 7:20:16 PM6/1/12
to the-hypergrid-a...@googlegroups.com
Sorry, the jumps assume you start on Jokaydia Grid at Scooter, as usual.

Kate Miranda

Jun 2, 2012, 6:09:04 AM6/2/12
to the-hypergrid-a...@googlegroups.com
This was sent on June 1 but says "Today May 24" ?


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Wade Schuette

Jun 2, 2012, 1:18:20 PM6/2/12
to the-hypergrid-a...@googlegroups.com
Sorry, I cut and pasted an old message.
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