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Peter Robinson

Feb 19, 2011, 5:32:46 PM2/19/11
to The Fake Explosives Detector Campaign
Hi Guys,

Just a quick update. Have spent a bit of time today emailing just
about everyone in Romania about Mira Telecom and the Romanian

Also, just about any supplier company and partner company of theirs,
as well as any blog, website or forum where I found them mentioned
(good or bad), The Romanian Anti Corruption Unit, various Government
officials etc etc etc.

Why? Well mainly because Jimmy McCormick of ATSC has stashed some of
his ADE651 blood money there. Also because they have merrily gone on
working with him despite apparently removing references to the ADE651
from their website).

But also because I read this on their website and it made my blood
boil (not difficult I admit).

'Quality comes from quality people.'

Yep. Righ there on their front page!!

The reverse is of course true. So, by your own definition Stelian,
since you happily got in bed with Jim McCormick (What a horrible
thought in itself!! If you have seen his piccie you'll know what I
mean!), and the ADE651, you are obviously not quality people...QED!

Oh, yeah, another reason I am hot on their trail is the old legal
threat Stelian sent me ages ago, after I (relatively fo rme anyway)
warned him off dealing with Five Bellies.

Of course, it never materialised. What a surprise. A bit like the
ADE651 finding anything!!

Well, we think that the likes of Vodafone, Alcatel Lucent, Orange,
Nokia, Cosmote, Siemens, SAS etc are not likely to want to be
associated with fraudsters much longer now that they have all been
told..Sahme. You've ruined your nice little telecomms business by
taking blood money, and lying down with conmen. Mind you, you may not
have been clean anyway befor Jim came along.

Whatever, Die Mira Telecom, DIE!
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