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Peter Robinson

Feb 24, 2011, 7:04:50 PM2/24/11
to The Fake Explosives Detector Campaign
Intend over next couple fo days to develop a sort of family tree of
the fake swivelling radio aerial detectors.

Along with a guide by Bob Couttie, I hope this will help to provide
part of a ready made history of this scam, a warning to all out there,
and a quick reference wherever this fraud may appear or re-appear.

Bobs guide written initially for Ship and Port Security Officers, can
be found here

We have talked about adapting it to other sectors e.g. Private
Secuity, Nuclear, Police,
Onshore Oil, and any other anyone can think is necessary and worth
distributing amongst. As you will see, it would take almost no effort
to edit and adapt Bobs good work.

My family tree effort will be sort of Open Source i.e. anyone will be
able to borrow it, adapt it, make suggestions to me to edit/update or
add to it.

Bob has wisely said that now we need to attack the generic con, and
make it as hard as possible to gain any widespread credence/sales in
future e.g. Iraq ADE651 etc.

If we can limit the scam to small local markets, we will have achieved
a great deal.

It may be too much to ask that we can do a Smallpox and vaccinate with
almost 100% efficiency, especially when so many still believe in
dowsing, but we can stop it being an International or transnational
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