March 13, 2014

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Mar 13, 2014, 4:58:01 PM3/13/14
My last Daily Watt was on September 17, 2011, which Google tells me was the first day of Occupy Wall Street.

I'm glad to be sharing images again at 50 Watts. In 2013 I mostly stopped blogging (only 31 posts on 50 Watts) and just read non-stop. I would read 600 page books in a few days, and I am not the fastest reader and incapable of skipping ahead (also I work full-time). Basically my life from late 2012 / early 2013 was so all-consuming terrible that I had to read for 8 months straight to recover my mojo. It worked! 

Everything on the front page of 50 Watts was posted in the last two months and I have numerous features almost ready to go. I think I can manage three posts per week for the rest of the year even if I descend into literature again.

One feature will be an overview of Gente Menuda illustrators from 1930s Spain. Preview:

Another will be an overview of important Mexican artist Leopoldo Mendez:

Plus a new installment of macabre bookplates, tons of Japanese illustration, Soviet Lithuanian illustration, Czech outsider art, Russian children's books...

Stay tuned.


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