September 17, 2011

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Will Schofield

Sep 17, 2011, 12:52:05 AM9/17/11
I'm making another attempt to regularly send out emails.

Don't miss my most recent post, on Estonian printmaker Vello Vinn.

"Great Expectorations" landed with a splat... I think it was my fault for sending around the link at lunch plus I rushed the visuals when assembling it. But while Expectorations was largely ignored, "Literary Pets" has been getting linked to everywhere recently. Gilbert sent some translations which will be appearing soon, and his Poets Ranked By Beard Weight is now in book form

My post "The Eye of the Earth" on But Does it Float was very well-received, taking off on twitter. Maybe I should post on Saturday night more often.

I'm now listed as the third "curator" at Float, which I took as a vote of confidence in the material I scrounge up for them. I like to scrounge.

A cool new "Cargo" feature on 50 Watts is the "image view":

I hired myself as an intern and imported about 100 archival posts into 50 Watts. Sorting by month is finally allowing me to see snapshots of obsessions, ie, what I always wanted the site to be. Like now I know what I was thinking about in March 2009.

My new favorite blogging aid is watching Mario Bava movies on Network Awesome in a separate window.

In case I don't email for another three months, Happy Fall,

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