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Welcome to the AMI Google Group!

If you would like to become a part of our group, please click the button above and apply to join. While everyone can view discussion threads, only members can post their own topics or comment on prior messages.

For members - we have enabled posting/commenting capabilities for all members, without moderation. Please read the guidelines below so this can be an enduring feature of the group.

Some general discussion guidelines and reminders:

Many of the comments on our website, blogs, Facebook Group, etc. over the last several months have been well-received here at AMI.  Some other comments, probably submitted with good intentions, have been too confusing or too long or misleading to be included.  We provide this guide to help you to generate posts and write comments that add to the discussion within the Google Group and raise the levels of internet discussion.

  • Please read some of the prior posts by scrolling down the AMI Google Group so you can gain further understanding of what we are doing and the purpose behind this discussion group, which is to promote and advance the AMI's mission.
  • Educate yourself about monetary history and monetary reform before you judge it.
  • Discuss the relevant post.  This is not a space to plug your magic solution to the world’s problems.
  • Base your arguments on verifiable facts and reason rather than prejudices and generalized notions - don’t lead readers down false trails. Avoid internet conspiracy talk!
  • Have positive faith in the democratic process even if you lack faith in Democratic officeholders. Please avoid downgrading the potential for progress.
  • Provide constructive dialogue and criticism - avoid name-calling.
  • Please refrain from negative attitudes, like “I have given up completely on humanity’s future.”  That’s an unhealthy and dangerous form of surrender.
  • Anyone posting here must use their real name. We understand anonymity to be a major problem that allows too much nonsense on the Internet, from "factions operating in disguise, and from "interested persons" to use two of Tom Paine's phrases! 

We hope this guide doesn't put you off, but we know its important to upgrade the levels of internet discourse.  Your participation is an important part of moving forward.