Zoom Program TOMORROW, Tuesday at 7:30 pm. All about the Sap Beetles that chew through the pollen cells in stored frames

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May 21, 2024, 3:43:53 PMMay 21
to The Alameda County Beekeepers Association

Zoom Presentation: Dr. Ramesh Sagili Zoom presentation: Click to join meeting

Dr. Sagili is an entomology professor at Oregon State University.
He'll speak about the pesky little Sap Beetle that eats our pollen frames.

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I first noticed sap beetle larva chewing through pollen frames about 10 years ago. 
They turn the contents of pollen cells into a fine sawdust.

Let's find out more about this pest.
Is it a native, or an invader from abroad?
Is it something to fret about?
How can we protect our frames?
Are they a threat to our colonies or just an annoyance?
What are they good for in the environment?

7:30 PM Tuesday May 21

There are 19 "Shifts" at the ACBA booth that have no coverage.
If you have the time, they're a priority. 
Shifts are about 3 hours.
It's actually fun and interesting, and there's a bonus **

There are a total of 45 shifts remaining to fill out the calendar.

With a shift at the booth: Free  whole-day entry to the fair, AND a free parking pass!!

One shift gets a discount on an item of ACBA "Merch"
Two shifts gets a deeper discount
Three shifts gets the Ultimate-Deep-Discount = a Merch item for FREE.

(Consecutive shifts are an option if you're feeling ambitious)

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