Section 4.2 Testing TurboGears Applications

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Mar 21, 2009, 6:37:05 PM3/21/09
I tried to follow the sample tests/ suggestions/ ramble.
I give up. This section is impossible for a new user to follow and
make sense of it.
Should be revised before next edition (I'd be willing to proofread /
test it!)
For example, test states: "Here's a sample of a simple test that
connects to a separate database..."
Question: Is this supposed to be included as an app? Run with tg-
Included with Or what?
My 2 errors were "testutil not defined" and "test_list_contents()
takes exactly one argument."
Without know if I even put the stes in the correct lcoation, I'm not
sure how the errors should be followed up on.
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