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Oct 2, 2010, 4:59:29 PM10/2/10
Thanks to everyone who wrote the script. I've been using it for my

I actually modified the posted version to suit my own tastes, so I
wanted to share these suggestions, and if you like some of them, they
could be incorporated into the main code (my modifications are very
hacky, because I don't really know javascript at all).

My modifications are here:

The main suggestions:

(1) for inline expressions, the latex image was always vertically
centered rather funny. I was able to easily fix this by adding this
line: = "middle";
function createTeXifiedImageElement(expr)

(2) my webpages are generally static, so I don't need any fancy
refreshes. But I also don't want to wait 3 seconds for the images to
render - I want that immediately! So it would be nice to give this as
a second option. My current hack around this was to replace
setInterval(TeXTheWorld, 3000);
setTimeout(TeXTheWorld, 0);

(3) the second file, the "block" file, is like the first, but it looks
for [[; and ;]] instead of [; and ];, and it displays the equations as
"block" style as opposed to "inline" style, i.e. = "block";
The intention is that it functions like \begin{equation}...
\end{equation} in latex.
I made this in a second duplicate script (and renamed the functions),
but of course this is wasteful and I only did it because it was quick
and I don't know javascript well.

An example of how I used everything is here:

Some of these you may not agree with but just wanted to put them out
as suggestions. Thanks for the great code.


Avital Oliver

Oct 7, 2010, 6:11:45 PM10/7/10
Hi Stephen,

Thanks for doing these modifications. Unfortunately I don't have enough free time anymore to maintain this and I could hardly get to some of the other suggestions people made. Would anyone want to take over maintaining this?


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