Testoob 1.15 released

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Oct 7, 2009, 8:09:12 PM10/7/09
to Testoob
Testoob is the advanced Python test runner and testing framework that
spices up any existing unittest test suite.

Home: http://code.google.com/p/testoob

Version 1.15 (Oct. 2009) adds better Python 2.6, IronPython, and
Jython support, as well as test coverage improvements, better color
support, and some new options and bugfixes. It's been a long time in
the making.

We're skipping version 1.14 since it's been used for some internal
patched versions.

Installation options:
* 'easy_install -U testoob'
* One of the packages at http://code.google.com/p/testoob/downloads/list

This version wouldn't have been possible without the help of Ronnie
van 't Westeinde.

* TESTOOB_WARNING_COLOR env var to change color (Ronnie van 't
* Progress bar improvements (Ronnie van 't Westeinde)
* Coverage improvements (Ronnie van 't Westeinde)
* New option '--time-each-test' (by Ziv, Amir, and Anton), #288
* No deprecation warnings with Python 2.6
* Better color support detection in win32 with ctypes
* Preliminary IronPython and Jython support

* Fixed reporter race condition (only happened on Windows)
* '--stop-on-fail' no longer stops when first test is skipped (Ronnie
van 't Westeinde)
* '--html' works correctly when test + setup/teardown both fail
(Ronnie van 't Westeinde)

* Many tests made simpler and less sensitive (more work to be done)
* Ctrl-C tests work on Windows
* Some API changes to testoob.collecting
* Fixed some tests failing on Windows without ctypes available (py2.4
and earlier)

* This release is entirely made possible by Ronnie van 't Westeinde

The full changelog is on Launchpad:
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