TestNG 7.4.0 - Released !

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Krishnan Mahadevan

Feb 27, 2021, 5:19:24 AM2/27/21
to testng-users

Hello everyone,


On behalf of the TestNG Dev team, we are pleased to announce the availability of TestNG 7.4.0


TestNG 7.4.0 is now available in Maven Central.


Special thanks go to Julien Herr for helping out with all the code reviews, and of course, to all the other contributors who made this release possible.


Contributors who helped make TestNG become better in this release:


  • C.V.Aditya
  • Prashant Maroti
  • Arham Jain
  • Nan Liang
  • Yao Ma
  • Nikhil Suri
  • Jacek Centkowski
  • Lorenzo Orsatti


In this minor release, we focused on squashing some bugs.

We also added some small new features.


Feature #1

Ability to be notified when a data provider fails, through a TestNG listener.


TestNG already has a listener that will let you plug in your callbacks for the following with respect to a data provider (implement org.testng.IDataProviderListener interface)

You can now use this listener to be notified when a data provider fails as well.


Feature #2

Add the ability to override explicitly included test methods if they belong to any excluded groups via the configuration property : overrideIncludedMethods


Feature #3

Reduced memory foot print when trying to run tests with larger projects.

This is now a toggle feature which can be enabled via the JVM argument: -Dtestng.memory.friendly=true


Complete list of bugs that were fixed are as below:


  • GITHUB-2459: Support configurable start time - emailable report
  • GITHUB-2467: XmlTest does not copy the xmlClasses during clone
  • GITHUB-2469: Parameters added in XmlTest during AlterSuiteListener not available in SuiteListener
  • GITHUB-2296: Fix for assertEquals not working for sets as order is not guaranteed
  • GITHUB-2465: Fix bux where Strings.join returns empty String
  • GITHUB-1632: throwing SkipException sets iTestResult status to Failure instead of Skip
  • GITHUB-2456: Add onDataProviderFailure listener
  • GITHUB-2445: NPE in FailedReporter.java With Tests Created in Factory
  • GITHUB-2428: Configuration methods have the same test class instance when @Factory is being used
  • GITHUB-2440: Fixed an issue when case timeout returned an incorrect exception and effect the next other test case
  • GITHUB-2407: Adds "overrideIncludedMethods" to the global config as a command-line argument, which excludes explicitly included test methods if they belong to any excluded groups
  • GITHUB-2432: Rework MethodInheritance.fixMethodInheritance to "soft" dependencies
  • GITHUB-2429: Seggregate Dependency Injection out as a clear implementation
  • GITHUB-2435: getParameterIndex() always return 0 in test listener
  • GITHUB-2406: TestNG 7.3.0 transitive vulnerability CVE-2020-11022 and CVE-2020-11023 due to JQuery 3.4.1
  • GITHUB-2405: Regression: Using TestNG via Maven breaks when optional Guice dependency is unavailable
  • GITHUB-2427: Guice module (suite parent-module and test module) configure() method is called multiple times
  • GITHUB-2419: TestNG JUnit reports are not valid if system output contains XML tags
  • GITHUB-188: suite parallel="methods" does not work when there are multiple <test> tags in the testng.xml
  • GITHUB-346: When a method is annotated with both BeforeGroups and AfterGroups only AfterGroup is executed
  • GITHUB-2403: Suite.xml files attempt to make web request when suite references standard TestNG DTD using HTTP
  • GITHUB-2385: Make @Listeners can work for implemented interfaces and Inherited class
  • GITHUB-2053: MethodHelper.collectAndOrderMethods() Hangs when Parallel Instance and dependsOnGroups
  • GITHUB-2400: BeforeClass/Method (and AfterClass/Method) configuration methods that override default methods are invoked multiple times
  • GITHUB-2396: @Ignore on method level doesn't work as expected
  • GITHUB-2382: TestNG version should be specified in MANIFEST.MF
  • GITHUB-2096: 7.0.0-beta6 memory issues (regression)
  • GITHUB-2355: TestNG creates multiple Guice Module Instances
  • GITHUB-2374: Add file name to the warning message
  • GITHUB-2321: -Dtestng.thread.affinity=true do not work when running multiple instance of test in parallel
  • GITHUB-2363: JS error when switching theme
  • GITHUB-2361: No way to enforce @Test(singleThreaded = true) when test defined in base class
  • GITHUB-2343: Injectors are not reused when they share the same set of modules
  • GITHUB-2346: ITestResult attributes are null when retrieved by Listener onTestStart if test fails at BeforeMethod
  • GITHUB-2357: TestNG 7.3.0 transitive dependencies


Thanks & Regards

Krishnan Mahadevan


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