Announcing TestNG 5.14

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Cédric Beust ♔

Aug 31, 2010, 9:43:02 AM8/31/10
Hi everyone,

TestNG 5.14 is now available. It's a small release with just one new feature (the ability to run test suites in parallel) and a few bug fixes.


Added: test suites can now be run in parallel with -suitethreadpoolsize
Fixed: @Listeners now aggregate through base classes
Fixed: ISuite was no longer serializable
Fixed: Injection was sometimes not working properly when used with @Parameters
Fixed: TESTNG-400: afterMethod was called after onTestFailure()
Fixed: "excludedgroups" was not working on the ant task because of a typo
Fixed: ant task error if <classfileset> is used with no classes (welex91)
Fixed: TESTNG-404: threaded tests fail due to use of non-threadsafe collections (Marcus Better)
Fixed: preserve-order was not preserving class order with dependent methods
Fixed: RetryAnalyzer wasn't working properly with factories
Fixed: The ant task was no longer supporting ',' for testclass


Fixed: The plug-in wasn't running Groovy tests correctly (Andrew Eisenberg)
Fixed: TESTNG-402 [Eclipse Plug-In] NPE occurred when I run twice a custom "Run configuration" on a group


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