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Michael Kadziela

Aug 3, 2022, 11:59:13 PMAug 3
to tesseract-ocr
Hey all,  and thanks for assisting.

I'm currently working on a pipeline that takes in PDFs, converts them to images, feeds them to Tesseract, and outputs a combined PDF at the end with a readable text layer.

I'm up to the Tesseract part, and I'm stuck with the API and unsure how to continue. Essentially I want to give Tesseract an image from memory, such as a Pix from Leptonica. This works currently for outputting a text string, but I can't find in the API any sort of method that uses the image that was given to the Tesseract instance, and can render a PDF output. They all seem to want a filepath rather than using the set image for the Tesseract instance.
Is there an API somewhere for this, or a work around?


Zdenko Podobny

Aug 4, 2022, 7:16:51 AMAug 4
to tesser...@googlegroups.com
I did not test it, but have a look at  ProcessPagesMultipageTiff [1] for inspiration - it uses  TessBaseAPI::ProcessPage(Pix *pix,...  renderer) [2]  , so you could be able create pdf with images from memory.

Please share your experience and code snippet with the community if you are successful ;-)


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