tesseract returns random and spurious characters

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Z. Jay

Jun 21, 2022, 1:25:33 PM6/21/22
to tesseract-ocr
We have been using a competing OCR tool and are now evaluating a switch to tesseract. However, when converting a png, tesseract randomly - albeit rarely, returns characters where there is only white space. For example, tesseract will return a comma or equal sign where there is only white space. Scrutinizing the png I do not see anything such as dirt or a spec which looks like anything other than white space. While this is rare and random, it happens enough to be a problem. Note that this does not occur when using our current OCR tool. I suspect someone has encountered this issue before and already posted the solution somewhere on this list or elsewhere.

For reference, here is a comparison of the actual text and the text returned by tesseract:
   10/17  10/17, 0000 PAYMENT THANK YOU $64.79CR  

   10/17, 10/17, 0000 =PAYMENT THANK YOU $64.79CR  

Any pointers appreciated.



Terry Hardie

Mar 15, 2023, 1:28:27 PM3/15/23
to tesseract-ocr
I'm having the same issue, although, I see it when interfacing to tesseract programmatically. If I take the same image (It's a PERFECT source, coming from a machine generated PDF->PNG) and run it through tesseract on the command line, the equals does not show up.

I hope you managed to find a solution and just haven't updated this thread?


Zdenko Podobny

Mar 24, 2023, 3:53:27 AM3/24/23
to tesser...@googlegroups.com

unless you provide a test case for reproducing problem (+ information about tesseract, language data platform etc.), nobody could help you...


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