Tessnet3 status?

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Feb 7, 2011, 9:59:39 AM2/7/11
to tesseract-dev
from what I have read, it seems that currently there is no public
effort to develop a .NET wrapper for Tessearct3.01.

(1)Are there on-going wrapper for java or python for Tessearct3.01?

(2)I am looking for example codes to understand the series of steps
required to

a) Init Tessnet
b) pass a bitmap to the API
c) extract List<Word>, or page layout info, e.g. block from the API.

Since there is significant change between Tesseract 2 and 3, the
opensource code provided Rémi THOMAS is usable only to certain

(3)Are there PDF or PPT slides that explain what are the significant
changes in version 3.?

(4)Anyone is also working in similar direction?

(5)Is there a plan to use SWIG to write wrapper?

(6)Any success so far, url links? thanks.

These questions are based on many scattered code issues discussions
and some remarks in internet, I hope this would bring the discussions
back to this forum.

Pohorsky, Steve

Feb 16, 2011, 8:34:04 PM2/16/11
to tesser...@googlegroups.com

Hi All,

Remi Thomas said he plans to port tessnet2 to tesseract 3 eventually, but he said was not in a hurry and he had other priorities first.


I did a port of what I needed of (not the most recent version of) tessnet2 to work with tesseract 3 (r319 from SVN).  I hand-edited the Visual Studio project file for tessnet2 to use the cpp files in 319.  There were probably 50 new cpp files for r319.


I did this for my job at SJM, so this is a "stop gap" for my own use; there is not documentation for the tesseract community.  One person so far has requested a copy of what I did.  I had them check with Remi Thomas first to see if he has plans.


What I did was not of interest to Remi, but if anyone needs something right away, they are welcome to email me at spoh...@sjm.com.



Steve Pohorsky

Tel +1 818 493 3432

Fax +1 818 362 5851


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