Java JDK Requirements for starting server for Terracota

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Aldo Susanto

Jan 21, 2020, 8:25:42 PM1/21/20
to terracotta-oss
  1. What version of Terracotta Server you are currently using;
  2. Paste the configuration you are using;
  3. Providing JDK and OS versions maybe useful as well.

Hello everyone,

I am a new developer and I have been following the guides on installation of the Terracota Server. My plan is to create an endpoint that utilizes Terracota cache (EHCACHE).
I downloaded terracota-db- and currently following the documentation online on installing terracota. Ref:
Specifically, I am currently following the "Configuring your environment" guide.

I am currently on Step 4, which says to start the server. However, when I followed the instructions, I seem to be getting this error:

Fatal Terracotta startup exception:
.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/xml/bind/JAXBException

I started looking things up and found that JAXB API is not on Java JDK that are above 8. My system is currently using Java 11.
So when I tried to switch my JDK from 11 to 8, the server started successfully (Step 4 worked).

My question is, does this mean that using Terracotta means that I have to use Java JDK 8 ?

I've been looking up on the system requirements page and its stated that BigMemory requires Java 8. Ref:\
On the EHCACHE webpage (, it is also stated that EHCACHE "requires Java 8+"

But further confirmation would be appreciated :)

Thank You,

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