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Betizazu Alemu

Jun 6, 2022, 7:58:46 AM6/6/22
to tensor2tensor
I know it's no longer supported, but I am just starting on NLP and working on a Translation project in which I found T2T is better suited than Trax since it is beginner friendly, and now I am in a place like nowhere to go. So, I need your help desperately, please 😢?

I wanted to generate my own data and problem; the command line code `t2t-datagen` seems to work on Colab perfectly fine but not locally (I think it is because I am using Virtual Environment). So, I wanted to generate it through code; I followed the instructions and wrote

t2t_problem = problems.problem(PROBLEM)
t2t_problem.generate_data(ATA_DIR, TMP_DIR, USR_DIR) 

the above code, but it generates an error that goes:

LookupError: translate_enam_ovgu8k not in the set of supported problems:

How can I address such a problem? Please?
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