Temoa Project

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Welcome to the Temoa Project Group.  This group is intended to be the catchall for most Temoa community interaction, and to provide an archive of energy economy optimization (EEO) oriented questions, discussions, and various dialogues.  While originally created with Temoa in mind, other EEO related questions are also welcome.

Briefly, the Temoa Project is a suite of tools related to EEO modeling, not the least of which is the Temoa EEO model.  Temoa started life as a research project, with a stated goal of being entirely transparent: all source code is freely available, as is all model data from published works.  Further, the entire software stack can be run with only Free software, making Temoa an EEO model with one of the lowest barriers to entry.

For more information about the project, please visit the Temoa website.

"If in doubt, ask.  If you're pondering it, chances are someone else is too, or will be soon."