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Jorin Diemer

May 6, 2020, 1:30:00 AM5/6/20
to tellurium-discuss
Hey all,

I ran into a behaviour of the getCurrentSBML() method, which surprised me: In the return sbml string the concentrations are multiplied by the volume, but when re-loaded the concentration is set to the saved concentration value, i.e. if one wants to store the sbml somewhere and loads it again, the initial values changed. Here an example:

import tellurium as te
model = """
model test
    compartment C1;
    C1 = 2.0;
    species S1, S2;

    S1 = 10.0;
    S2 = 0.0;
    S1 in C1; S2 in C1;
    J1: S1 -> S2; k1*S1;

    k1 = 1.0;
# load models
r = te.loada(model)
print(r.S1)   --> 10

sbml = r.getCurrentSBML()
new = te.loadSBMLModel(sbml)
print(new.S1)  --> 20

sbml = new.getCurrentSBML()
newer = te.loadSBMLModel(sbml)
print(newer.S1) --> 40

The value of S1 is multiplied by C1 each time I call the getCurrentSBML method. This doesn't happen for getSBML.
I was wondering if there is a specific reason for this behaviour.


Herbert M Sauro

May 6, 2020, 12:20:06 PM5/6/20
to Jorin Diemer, tellurium-discuss
Thanks for the report, we'll look into this. This may be a bug that is already on our list, I'll prioritize it.

Herbert Sauro

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Herbert Sauro, Professor
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