RoadRunner C++ API setValue()

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Yuri Gardinazzi

Mar 2, 2020, 4:54:34 AM3/2/20
to tellurium-discuss
I'm using libRoadRunner with the C++ implementation and I cannot change it.
I've encountered a problem that to me it's a bug, but I'm not totally sure.

With the standard integrator my simulation applies the function integrate each step,
when I try to change a value of a substance with setValue("<substance>", <value>) if a certain condition happens t it keeps remaining costant.

It seems that the integrator just ignores it, or as I saw with another model it keeps using old values.

I saw this behaviour with the standard integrator, with Gillespie integrator it seems working as I thought.

I upload three files, 2 of them are the same simulation one with gillespie ( that works ) and one with the standard integrator (don't look at the titles).
The third one is another simulation where you can see that when I change the value simulation keep going like I didn't change that.

Is it a bug of the standard integrator (Gillespie works) or I just used a wrong approach to the problem?
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