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Leigh Teletype KSR-33 Demonstration - Telephone Museum of

Many don't realize that some teletypes were made in Canada
under license from Teletype Corp.; first by Northern
Electric, then by Marsland Engineering, which was then
acquired in 1969 by Leigh Instruments who continued the
manufacture of these machines.

This is an KSR-33 made by Leigh in the 70's. I acquired it
in 1975 from Island Tel, used it for a year as a computer
i/o device, then loaned it to a friend. He used it for a
year, and for the next 20 years, it was stored in his barn
under less than ideal conditions.

When my friend heard I was looking for a model 33 for the
museum, he reminded me about this one, and the next weekend
brought it down. Barn storage had been cruel on the

The top cover had been broken in, and squirrels had been
living in it, leaving it littered with parts of spruce
cones and other seeds. In addition, the storage had been
very damp resulting in a lot of rust.

The next few weeks were spent removing rust and replacing
damaged parts, the broken cover, etc.

However, as you can see this old baby has been quite
resilient, and with some major TLC is now working again

Here, you see it printing out text from the Internet using
a program called Heavy Metal via a Telebyte M65A interface.
The first while, it is shown with the cover down, then for
a minute or so with cover open, so you can see its printing
action, then finally in a shot panning around the museum to
other equipment on display in the teletype area.

You will also see a model ASR-33 on display, a model very
similar to this one, but with the ability to generate and
read paper tape. A video of that machine and my Model 28ASR
machine are also viewable on YouTube.

I will be doing additional cleaning of the discolored
plastics as I have time.

Leigh Instruments acquired Marsland Engineering in 1969 as
part of an expansion. Leigh closed their manufacturing
facility completely in 1983 to concentrate on other
ventures. Unknown to many, Northern Electric manufactured
these for a few years before Marsland started building
them, but the quality was poorer due to inferior hardening
of metal parts as compared to these and those made by
Teletype themselves. Note Leigh's white on blue nameplate,
as well as the small Island Tel nameplate on the cover.

When I was doing this video, I didn't quite have the
printer inside the case properly, and as a result with the
top cover down, the paper was jamming somewhat. This was
fixed as the video uploaded. That is why near the beginning
of the video, you will see me fiddling with the paper
before opening the cover. This is not normal and has been

My thanks go out to Ken Gartland of Nova Scotia, an ex-
CN/CP Telecommunications service technician for going over
this machine's printer after I had it operating and
setting it to meet factory specs with his test set.

You can see this video at:
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