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Mar 19, 2010, 1:09:01 PM3/19/10
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Hi Folks:

Just a wee update on work in the Tel. Museum of PEI this year!

The first project began in December of last year, the preparation of a
Wire and Cable display for the museum. This display, now located under
the open wire cross-arm in the museum, has samples of open wire types,
overhead and buried cables, even a section of submarine cable.

Next project is working on a Teletype display for the museum. Last
fall, I was offered a Teletype Model 28 ASR teletype which needed
work. Before it got too cold, I rebuilt this machine, and gathered
software and RS-232 to loop interfaces which will allow me to display
it working. I also located ribbons, a re-inker for it, and all the
cables necessary, as well as a small supply of paper. I prepared a
laptop computer to use to feed it, fetching AP news-wire from my
wireless internet connection. An IRL FSK-1000 has been found to feed
signals from my Ham Radio Station also to the machine.

I am currently looking for an ASR-33 teletype to add to the display as
an example of an Ascii machine. So far that search is still in the
works. Though commonplace 20 years ago, they appear to be fairly
scarce now - in the intervening years, a lot must have been scrapped.

I am on holidays for three weeks in another week, so hope to get a lot
of work done on these projects; also to other projects in the museum.

I will post a photo of the 28 ASR to the photo area as work

Wishing all a great 2010!


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