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Jerry Biddle

Mar 27, 2010, 3:12:07 PM3/27/10
Back in the years of starting in 1958 I had the hobby of Telephony as it is technically called. My late dad cussion worked for at the time called Northwestern Bell Telephone Company in the city of Des Moines, Iowa his name was Russel Biddle. He would give me old telephone equipment. I became more into this and bought an old cord switchboard. Then came another a Kellogg Board (now called ITT) I was given towards the last a Western Electric manual board with three dial trunks a 551 B board prior to this on a government surplus bid of $ 21.50 I made a bid which came out of another state a North Electric Dial System all relays weighing a ton. We junked some of them brought back two units. It worked off of 48 Volts DC and the dial tone came from a relay making a buzzing sound. Another relay would interrup thus making it for the ringing current  90 Volts AC 20 Hz to ring then stop ring, etc. This ringing current came from a subcycle transformer device changing the 60 Hz into 20Hz and a tap for ringing tone. I also bought from Fair Radio Sales Co. A motor generator working off of 48 Volts making the ringing current. I used car storage batteries to work this and they were kept charged by a Western Electric Mecury Vapor Electron Tubes glowing blue charging unit. It was my long desire to have a telephone system in my neighborhood with the other teenagers but the way the new neighborhood was laid out and the cost it made it impossible to bring cables and wires into their houses. At this time this hobby would of required a rich man's son. We were not this rich mans son family. I gave the switchboards away to a younger boy who's dad worked with my father at the Des Moines Register and Tribune Newspaper. I don't know what he did with all of it the dial system was sold for junk in a junk yard by our neighborhood. I started to collect old telegraph equipment and after my late mother's death I gave this to the Iowa Historic Building and they haven't put it on display and that was in the year of 1986. Right now I have been collecting professional recording equipment. I would have to win a huge lottery to do what I have in mind. I would have two studios in the same building studio A being 24 track and studio B being 8 track. I myself sing and I have a recording contract with a major label in Nashville, TN. I sing all types of music I'm not into rap nor heavy metal type of music. I like golden-oldies and classic country, religious type of music (some) and classical music. I'm glad I had the hobby of Telephony because after graduation from High School I went to a private electronic school in West Des Moines a suburb west of greater Des Moines. When I had the hobby of telephone equipment I was in the Des Moines Register and Tribune newspaper twice and in Telephony Magazine and Telephone Engineering Magazine. Having the hobby and too taking advanced electronics would help me in the wiring of the studio and I read and get Mix Magazine about recording studios, Recording Magazine, one that comes from England Sound on Sound. With my background of electronics reading these helps to understand recording procedures. My first interest in telephones was the old wall magneto telephones I got one for Christmas when I was about 13 years old. Yes, I did work for the Bell System I worked for a sister company called Western Electric and I helped install direct distant dialing all relay equipment at the main office in Des Moines. Did I like this job? I hated it! Went to work with telephone equipment and came home with telephone equipment it was just too much! I went back to college and became a police officer, a Marshal did I like this yes! But I bought a karaoke machine (glorified tape-recorder) from Radio Shack and started singing with it made some demo tapes sent them to record companies and record producers it took three weeks before I received any answers and they were all good by the way so this is my aim to do the singing deal. Oh you're thinking doesn't he look too old to be a singer. We'll this has been taken care of several years ago. I take 45 vitamins per day and I can pass for a younger man in his 20's or 30's. I get into in the past movies at student prices. And I don't get a Senior Citizen's discount at fast food places. This being young looking has cause numerous problems with former friends who are just plain jealous because I look young enough to be either their younger brother and or son. One is a police chief and a member of the Freemasonic Lodge like I belong to this paticular individual every thing I did he had to do but would try and do better. He became police chief ding ding we'll give this to him he got into before this telecommunications and was a television producers, ding ding again then became a security supervisor ding ding with a now gone hospital ding ding now he is a Mason but didn't stop there! Became a shriner ding ding again, but I have some thing he doesn't have young nice looking looks and I can sing this is some thing he'll never get the ding ding award for! He looks old enough to be my older brother and I'm ten years older then he is! I'm a LDS Mormon Church convert and my other friends have made the remark give him time he is long over due! He'll become a Mormon and would have to be the Bishop of that Ward yes I know this is Mormon lingo, I know. I hope he doesn't become a member because he is a pain in the ass! So now you know a small story regarding Jerry Eugene Biddle, Post Office Box 4012, Des Moines, Iowa 50333-4012 not Terry but Jerry

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